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  • "the iPad represents nothing less than Apple's attempt to reimagine the personal computer" I don't think anyone really sees it that way, not even Apple. We can say a lot about what the ipad is, but one thing is sure: it's not a computer, in the same way that my mobile phone or my cable box are not. The 'made for computer illiterate' people argument is silly. Can you really speak in 2010 about 'mastering a mouse'...
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    The iPad's Design Utopia vs. the Internet at Large
  • Nice list. SBsettings, and the accelerometer disable option are the best.
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    6 Worthy Apps for Jailbreakers
  • You don't need an app to show the desktop - it's built in.
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    Five Ways to De-Clutter Your Desktop
  • Come to think of it, i remember using a 400mhz eMac a while ago and it was fine for small tasks. The 3gs has more computing power than that, why couldn't it run tiger or some sort of lite leopard in destop mode?
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    The Case for the iPhone Duo Dock
  • I'm writing this from my touch, and in doing so i'm reminded of why full-size computers will never go away, because such hand-helds are limited. Wireless browsing is cool, but small screens (including netbook screens) really suck. I think that i might even replace my 13" macbook with at least a 15". So... netbooks and handhelds - gimmicks, once the initial excitement wears off they become obsolete.
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    Is There a Place for a Netbook in the Apple Lineup?
  • "...So to everyone who can build a PC today I say “Wow, you can read directions. Wonderful, why’s your VCR still blinking 12:00”. Building a PC today is probably easier than ...." I can sense a "little" aggression here, but don't be mad, it's a good thing PCs can (still) be built/upgraded by people at home, this is one of the main points that make PCs a good practical alternative to Macs. PS. And by the way, you have no way of knowing my or other's experience in building computers. Keep the gratuitous offensive comments to yourself.
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    Vista Helping OS X
  • I own a PC I built myself from parts over 1 year ago, costing roughly 400$, which easily meets all the requirements for Visa (not that I wanted to upgrade). The point is, factory-built PCs are also expensive, just like Macs. Also, many of the people I know already have PCs capable of running Vista. I think the hardware upgrade is really a non-issue. Those susceptible to upgrade to Visa are not PIII users using Win98 with 128Mb RAM (an extreme example...) Any of you out there own PCs? Out of curiosity, do they meet the Visa requirements?
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    Vista Helping OS X
  • Any of you guys know something about this: http://www.engadget.com/2006/12/15/the-lg-ke850-touchable-chocolate/
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • The worse thing about OSX and finder is the fact that you can't delete a file (permanently). Sure, you can empty the trash, you might say, but I want to be able to delete, say, a large temporary file, without possibly losing some files I might need in the trash. So far, only File Buddy can make this happen, but it's not free, and a bit cumbersome to use.
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    Path Finder: A Finder Alternative?
  • I tried registering on the MSN site using Safari and it worked!
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    The Boot Camp Excuse
  • I think that one must make the difference between switching to Mac and Swithching to OSX. The majority of people I know that use a PC running Windows agree that OSX is superior to Windows, but the downside is that OSX is linked directly to Mac hardware, which, because of performance, price, upgradeability and possibilities of customization, is not the best choice for many people using PCs. With this in mind, it would appear utterly absurd for a Windows on a PC user to switch to a Mac for running WIndows. The only reason for Windows users to switch to Mac is OSX.
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    Can Boot Camp Really Give Windows the Boot?
  • Noise in a PC desktop comes from the fans in: CPU cooler, Case power source and any supplemental case coolers. All of these are components which on a PC can be upgraded. There are many ways to build a silent PC. The price difference between a mainstream PC and a desktop Mac covers a lot more that what this operation would cost. Regarding annoying fan acceleration: at work I use a 1.6 G5, which from times to times makes me twitch with fan noises accelerating and hard-disk scratching, but I admit that it is a bit old.
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    When Hot Is Not
  • referring to backup and files transfer, I ran into problems too when I had to transfer files from my old G4 at work to my new G5. I copied the folders to en external hard drive and then I copied them on the G5. The problem is that when I resumed work on my old projects, I didn't have acces right to the files. I admit, i changed my username on the G5, but my files weren't locked or anything on the G4. Oh well, I thought what the heck and started re-applying permissions to all the files and folders. But that didn't work. It simply dind't. I has to dwonload filebuddy and only then was I able to have acces to my own files. That was a lot of hassle for just being able to access my files.
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    Apple: The Bad and the Ugly. And Some Good
  • "USB replacing legacy ports on the original iMac, of course, meant Macs would have access to all the peripherals out there. Surely, it was thought, Mac share would surge. Providing a new shiny OS instead of the Classic OS, some opined, would reinvigorate market share. The list continues: the G5, the switch to Intel, most recently Boot Camp and in the future, virtualization. So far, no massive spike in the market share of Macs." Macs have limited market shar ebecause they are too expensive for what they are. They target people who can and will pay extra for design, and these will always be a minority.
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    No Magic Bullet for the Mac
  • Finally, there is now a way to compare the Mac and PC hardware on the same basis. I am very curious about how they actually compare. My guess is that a PC costing as much as a Mac will run much faster that the Mac on any given application.
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    Boot Camp: Apple's Insanely Good Idea?