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  • I was wondering if you might want to revisit your opinions here, with hindsight as your guide.
    Big E had this to say on Aug 29, 2007 Posts: 7
    Why the New Mac Campaign will Fail
  • Interesting, albeit rather brief article... Would be more useful if you provided the link to TivoDecode Manager, which can be found here: Not having much of a need (currently) for the rest of the Toast software, and only wanting to watch TiVo movies on my Mac's 30" Cinema display, TiVoDecode Manager works fine for me. Brian, your tip on the videos tab was very useful... thanks!
    Big E had this to say on Feb 22, 2007 Posts: 7
    Getting Your Tivo and Macintosh to Talk
  • I often use the calendar, alarms, etc. in my iPod, but occasionally I wish I could add things when away from my Mac. It's pretty rare though, and I can honestly live without it indefinitely, but that said, I'd certainly upgrade to a larger-screen iPod with PDA functionality built-in if they offered it.
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    SJ, Can You Please Bring Back the Apple PDA?
  • Yawn......
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    Mac Ads Are Under Threat
  • The problem with fantasy writing about what could have been if only some historical event did not occur is that it is nothing more than pure fantasy, sadly portrayed as reasoned thought, and lacking the entertainment qualities inherent with the inclusion of dragons, swords and sorcery, alien visitation, robots, etc. Rather than spend a long series of articles wasted on what could have been, why not spend some time working on what could be through the studious application of what has indeed actually been.
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    Part 1: What if Microsoft Never Existed?
  • Thank you Ben. I do, in fact, tend to use predominantly UK spellings in my writing, and likewise, I do in fact use a spell-checker (built into Mac OS X, set to check "British English" first). As for my POV towards Apple Matters as a whole, I will be fair and admit that I have the same strong feelings about the irresponsibility regarding fantasy, hyperbole and lacklustre fact-checking by the rest of the media as a whole. Focusing specifically on Apple Matters and therefore the pro-Mac community, I have noticed how quick pro-Mac members of the media are to point out when neutral or antithetic media counterparts make factual errors that result in the Mac, iPod, Apple, Steve Jobs, etc. looking bad, or at least not as good. However the fact is, the pro-Mac media community is equally as guilty of this same transgression. I would wager that both protagonists generally do so with full knowledge, with the intention of deception in order to spread their preferred form of propaganda. While M. Stern may have been merely fantasising, s/he did not make this outright clear from the beginning of their article, and this therefore triggered my media jaded response. Finally, perhaps I was too harsh in my wording, but I still stand by my OPINION (and it is only that... an opinion), that Apple Matters as a whole, tends to delve far too often into fantasy and hyperbolic thinking than serious and logical fact finding. As a result, I find Apple Matters to be more trite entertainment than serious commentary. Perhaps this is acceptable to the editors, and if so, well, your doing well. If, on the other hand, serious and reasoned dissemination of the world of Apple Computer is the goal, it is my opinion that Apple Matters, like so many of the pro-Apple media counterparts has failed..
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    Pixar-Disney Merger Casts An Uncertain Spell
  • Unbelievable!!! I have consistently found articles on Apple Matters to be little more than baseless and comical tripe (When I feel like a good old belly laugh, I come here), but this one is just downright embarrassing... Actually, I stopped reading at the end of the first paragraph simply because it makes a statement that is simply and totally untrue in every sense of the word. Let's get the facts strait... Pixar was NEVER in way way whatsoever "Apple-held." Two thoughts: 1) Get a dictionary and study every permutation and consequence of the word "Fact." 2) Get an editor who knows the importance of fact checking.
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    Pixar-Disney Merger Casts An Uncertain Spell