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  • I've had my share of dumb in the superstores, but I think we have to point the finger at the corporate megastore approach that pays $9/hr to anyone who'll take it out of sheer need, and the insideous marketing schemes that try to dump boatloads of mediocre products on us with "associate" commissions and the like. Basically, CompUSABestBuyCircuitCityFrysWalmartTarget is a good place for the customer who's always bright to say 'no, just looking' before going back to their online shopping carts, product reviews and spec sheets.
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    The Customer is Always Bright
  • A very simple, illustrative comparison: At press releases, Microsoft talks and Apple shows. Maybe it's just my distrust of them, but it seems that when MS talks, they ooze of 'competitive corporate agenda' and future-oriented strategy. Any good corporation thinks this way, but publicly you always want to be about real services and products that provide solutions NOW, and come across as having people truly first and foremost in your mind. Future strategy should become fully apparent only when that time comes. They shoot themselves in the foot by looking desperate, which is hard to look like when they have the market share they do. They clearly don't have the talent and innovation share, nor the 'it factor', and ultimately they know it--emperor has no clothes syndrome.
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    How Microsoft Will Die
  • I agree on the general quality of US magazines not being compelling enough. I used to read MacAddict when it was 'raw and fresh'. I don't like zinio or pdf because I feel like looking at a second class version of a print mag, which is basically what it is. I'd rather use the web for tech content, but love National Geographic for it's beautifully reproduced photography. I also like art and design mags in print.
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    Is The Web Killing The Computer Magazine?
  • I think they should just give them all away to poverty-level kids around the world ;)
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    The Poor Little iMac, Crying For Attention
  • I use a mac so I can work, because the mac works and works well. It doesn't annoy me like the PC does. What annoys me is working with people who are caught in the non-productive, unsuccessful drugery of the PC, and then their problems with their files and applications become my problem. The mac has class, it doesn't try to be flashy in a mediocre way to 'woo consumers', it's elegant and functional, and takes care of most trivial, bothersome things for you. The interface and messages speak my language. Yesterday, in the middle of a major production crunch, my new mac arrived. I took it out of the box, plugged in a few cables, turned it on, and took a break. Within an hour it had everything (like 80GB of files 10,000 emails and 150 apps) from my old computer seamlessley transferred. I was working like nothing ever happened, except the computer was going 8 times faster.
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    Why do you own a Mac?
  • I refreshed Apple Store wed. Every ten minutes to get my order in ASAP. Not out of sheer glee at the new chips, but sheer desperation. Working off a 1GB G4 PB isn't cutting it. Point is many need a power boost now, and the several improvements really help and keep the PowerPC at a relatively good stance. Next system purchased will see mature Pentiums and compatible Apps. Computers are the most expensive disposable item I know at $2-3k every two years.
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    Don't Buy A Quad G5
  • Finder favorite folders should hold a label color. Simple, and would sure help organization.
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    How Could OS X Be Improved?
  • Aside from the ever-engaging release of sexy new products (i.e., nano) we want powerful processor/bandwidth/memory equations in our books and laptops. That's what we really need, and where we can expect some let-down. I wonder if we'll ever be satisified. zippity do dah...
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    One more thing . . .
  • Agreed, a 'midi' is needed. The mini almost works for me but I can't bring myself to it due to lack of RAM space and a slow hard drive, oh, and paultry processor. I'd take a 7200rpm, 4GB RAM capable, 1.8-2 G5 and no PCI in the blink of an eye. Those towers are an enormous waste for many of us, I think. eMac is I believe, still preferred by education, due to hard shell and screen to withstand abuse of pre-teens. And it's harder to walk off with.
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    Does the Mac Need a New Model?
  • spotlight: good. I use it mainly within the finder, all the time. Mail's use of it needs help though. It never starts searches where you are at, which is annoying. dashboard: slow-loading. I find staying in the browser more efficient than getting info from so many different widgets, after they finally load. I might use it more if I could just access one isolated widget from the dock icon, rather than enter into that hidden underworld interface they are in. How many more upgrades until I get the ability to color-label my folders in the favorites pane? This pane also needs many of the features now found in panes like iTunes and Mail, and needs to remember my preferred width, arrgh. And when are they going to implement all those greyed-out 'Services' in the Application menus?
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    Tiger? Where did you go?
  • For example, is there anything Windows could have called Windows Vista (fairly innocuous name) that would NOT have been ridiculed by Apple fans? Probably not, but the forum over at MacCentral has many hilarious acronyms and burning bunny-type marketing ideas for Apple to use to lambast MS's new brand. Check it out. I do like Windows Vista and wish them well living up to the concept behind it. True it is that Apple has run with some good MS ideas. It would be good for all if they continue to compete, especially if Apple market share grows some more. Maybe MS should call itself Orange. Then ad copy could say, "it's not a lemon, it's an orange."
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    What type of Mac-Head are you?
  • Do you people ever listen to yourselves? I think he just meant feeling sorry (as opposed to actually agressive, but veiled as sorry) for people who are disrespectful. Oh, that was me who said that, never mind.
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    What type of Mac-Head are you?
  • Power User, though I hate the name cuz power is really only in the soul. Oh, but I get it, I do need machine power and OS power to efficiently churn out many a photo, print and web file. So, that kind of power, yeah, OK, I'm into that kind of power on a mac. I used to be very defensive about macs. Not only cuz they we're dying an unfair death, but I really did love the smooth intuitive feel of OS9. I hate mediocrity, and can be arrogant toward it at times, but as I get older it's more about compassion. People do what they have to do, or think they have to do. Apple's success has mader it easier to use and love macs without being subject to disrespect, and we don't have to counter others with disrespect either, just feel kind of sorry for them (except for maybe the beige windows tyrants still out there). The product speaks for itself. I hate to see society manipulated by big guys with nothing to really offer, and Windows has a way of unempowering people with annoyance and neglect. Apple has some wierd marketing up their sleeve that needs just a wee bit more humility, but they put on a good show, and continue to provide empowering and straight-forward tools, toys and user experience. Power Participator, that's it.
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    What type of Mac-Head are you?
  • Re: Browser engine simulation in Safari. No. Web standards anyone? It's time to stop caving into poorly written, proprietary browsers, no matter their market share. (can you tell I'm a web designer?) I'd like to see Safari offer a dialog when it comes to non-standardized sites, that helps users register a complaint with said site.
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    What OS X Could Learn From Windows
  • I want to add shortcuts/favorites to the Finder in open/save dialogs. That's the best time to make them, as you're digging through directories and wondering why, wanting to create a solution 'now'. I also want labeling colors to show on the Finder shortcuts, to organise them better. (sorry, slightly off-topic, but let's start a movement for these basic features)
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    What OS X Could Learn From Windows