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  • Jun 16, 2008
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  • "..,because Apple stance banning legitimate applications from the App store just doesn't matter." To say this is Naieve. Why? Because the current banning policy (or lack thereof), and App store bully-boy tactics are getting a lot of media attention. And THAT damages the Apple 'brand' as a whole. I don't own an iPhone nor an iPod touch. Therefore I am not the market for any of the apps on the App store at all. I am Mac owner and iTunes user though, and the current App store fiasco is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Just because iPhone owners are locked into contracts NOW, doesn't mean that they will necessary renew thier contracts if other viable options present themselves. And Android handsets are closing the tech gap fast. If all the top developers abandon the App store, then sure in-house developement will continue, but Apple already reaslied that that's not a broad enough creative base, - otherwise the app store would never have been opened to 3rd party Developers in the first place. The App stores current bad press probably will not have a negative effect on the current version of the iPhone - as was pointed out people are locked into contracts - but if Developers figure out a way to either self distribute, or leave the platform all together, then Apple might look back and remember this was when thier short sightedness shot them in the foot.
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    Apple Rejecting Apps Doesn't Matter
  • Wait- the end is Nigh for toher mobiles? I don't THINK So... Firstly the iphone is still locked into an 18 month contract, whomever you get it from. Your average Joe Consumer with any smatterin gos sense will not go for that. A LOT can change in 18 months, and the prices of cell plans is only set to fall. not rise. Secondly, a phone is not just a multi-whozit device. A lot of people when upgrading (or buying a new phone), will go with brand loyalty. They will get the same brand phone they had last time (familiarity with o/s), or the phones that all thier friend have (that they have been able to actually try out and use in real world scenarios, not just in the store).. Thirdly, , there is no pay as you go option. A LARGE CHUNK of hte cell market in the US and Europe is based on the PAYG model. Sure the carriers *prefer* consumers to go for the monthly option, but if you don't want to be tied into a contract,there are comparable free minutes / data / sms PAYG offers out there (at least there are in Europe) Fourthly the iPhone is a smartphone.. and that market is NOT the entire cell market by any stretch. Fashion handsets, *disposable* throwabout handsets, handsets for people who actually only WANT the minimum spec set (ie those who want a phone first and foremost, not a mini computer, nor an mp3 player, nor a psudo PDA, *just a phone*). So yeah, the price cut should make other manufacterors, sit up and take notice, but if you thought the Motorolla Razor was the shiznit before, then the New iPhone is not going t sway you . Likewise if worship Sony and wouldn't want to be seen dead with an Apple product, then again the iPhone is not going to make you reach for yoru wallet. Is it the best non-blackberry phone on the market right now? Probably? Is it the best mobile phone evah? Highly doubtful
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    Attention Cell Phone Makers, The End Is Near
  • I'm picking up my macbook from the store today (HDD died - yay for applecare). As I now have to totally rebuild my system* (software wise) this looks like just the text I need at hand. :) *I had a recent Carbon copy cloner backup but it's also dead :C
  • Oh great, yet ANOTHER opinion of the 'Air which makes an eating disorder reference. Still it's better than the hackneyd supermodel references. And for EXTRA old hat points the word 'road warrior' has been applied. I don't know precisely WHO the market for this notebook is, but it is defiantely aimed at people who are already willing to pay just under - starting price of - $1,500 for the myriad of Sony sub-notebooks out there (particularly the TZ series). I personally do not like the 'Air. Yes it is agressively thin and light, but thinness at the expense of ports/funcationality and other factors (not to mention optical drive) is not what I personally look for in a device at that payscale, but then I am not the target user. So imho, the above rticle does present valid points, just in an unpalatable way.
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    The MacBook Air Is a Horrible, Horrible Product
  • uhmmm. but why pay when anyone even remotely competant could just use vmware fusion?
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    Apple to Charge for Bootcamp?
  • Beeblebrox said: "IMO, the advantages of the iTMS/iPod package are the ability to download and storage capacity. I think Apple charges too much for the TV shows, but then again I think they charge too much for songs. " But I disagree, $1.99/ ¬£1.89 is a perfect price, any cheaper and the product is devalued, any more expensive and you deter the casual shopper. The way I see it the pitching of the pixar shorts was genius, all together they cost less than a dvd of any of the single pixar movies. Most of them are rare / hard to get by any other means (unless you buy the entier pixar back catalouge in order to get the shorts), so that alone will garner interest. What I don't understand is that right now there is a lot more US content on the ITMS than other countries. What is to stop (for example) a Uk buyer such as myself using the US store to buy content not currently on offer to the UK - eg new LOST episodes?
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    The Portable Entertainment Age
  • eh? Why isn't an apple brand pda on that list? Is it so far outside the chanced of probablility?
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    Handicapping the 12th
  • An British - English Dictionary. Not everyone appreciates americanized spellings!
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    How Could OS X Be Improved?