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  • Jun 07, 2011
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  • I agree and disagree. I do wish there was an alternate distribution channel but at the same time should apple service your phone if you place unauthorized software on it that "breaks" it? I don't think they should have too. I think we also have to take into consideration that Apple may be under certain requirements by At&t;to NOT allow certain apps. It is their network. I don't agree with Apple blocking apps that resemble or compete with their own apps.
  • This is probably the most backward idea I've ever heard. "Lets inflate our profits by artificially inflating the bottom price!" What a developer circle jerk that is... You know what is wrong with the App Store. Crappy Apps. I've not played a SINGLE 9.99 title that was worth the price I paid. My biggest issue? They are all too short. i shouldn't be able to beat a game in a day or less. I've stopped even buying anything over 4.99 because I've been burned by too many 9.99 apps. If you want to charge over 9.99 make a App WORTH it. Trying to artificially inflate the price by lowering the bottom is not only uncompetitive it is just lazy. Business is risk. If you don't want to take a risk start making fart apps to sell for .99. If you want to make an impact develop something worth more than the paltry examples sitting at 9.99. In this economy you need to create value...not try and jury rig the system.