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  • Jun 10, 2010
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  • re #5 tablet fail. Well since Apple have supposedly spent many years developing the concept coupled with Jobs legendary user focus and some clear thinking I can see Apple coming up with something completely radical. One of those 'why didn't we see that coming' moments. Too early to call this one.
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    10 Apple Predictions for 2010
  • Yeh but how many of the copycats have Multitouch? I think you'll find Apple will have their day in court if someone clones that.
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    Should Other Companies Pay Apple?
  • What I fail to see is what you hoped to achieve by the means you partook in. I read weasley words like 'harmless fun', 'just a joke' and 'funny prank' but nowhere is there evidence of forethought beyond the initial 'ok, let's do it'. If I dress up in black with a monster mask and fire a blank round in my neighbour's face then later apologise saying it was only a joke aimed at alerting him to the dangers of opening the door to strangers, then most people would be justified in thinking me a raving idiot. Naive and thoughtless is more like it. Malcor was an exercise in eating one's own young. 'Fraid I might think twice about links to Applematters from now on.
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    Sincere Apologies
  • Just take some sugar - you're well depleted, and these fears will go away ;-)
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    One Day I Will Switch from Apple
  • Tanner... 'For about 6 months I was the biggest Apple fanboy you’d ever meet. I eagerly awaited every keynote...' So you experienced one keynote...and then lost interest. Fanboy...not really - the sun never sets in RDFland ;->> I really have no idea what you are talking about, particularly the last but one para..
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    Apple Culture vs. Microsoft Culture
  • It's coming(oops) quick, but not direct from Apple I hope
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    When Will iTunes Sell Porn?
  • “We just wanted something n the shelves in time for Christmas” says it all. So the fruit of all the r&d dollars is yet to surface - trouble is, will anybody care? Despite MS keeping it's distance namewise from the zunebrick, you can be sure no-one will let them or joe public forget it...if you're part of the ipod army that is. And all these 'future promises' ..(read - real features) play into Apples hands. Being ahead of the game already, they can trump each forward step by MS, one at a time. MS promotes then Apple delivers. This is gonna be fun to watch
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    Zune Undoomed