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  • Congratulations, you discovered the limitations of being an early adaptor for a device that was not designed to replace a desktop or a laptop computer. It's really a big iPod Touch with better battery capacity.
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    Can You Blog On the iPad?
  • The same lame argument can be made for the computer GUI (Graphical User Interface). Apple came out with the Mac in 1984. All the PC users thought it was just a toy. Microsoft worked their butts off for nine years to produce a PC version called Windows 95. They are now releasing Windows 7 which looks just like poor PC copy of Snow Leopard. One could easily say that Microsoft's dominance of the desktop market has completely stifled any innovation in personal computing.
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    Why It's Okay to Loathe the iPhone
  • I recently switched from a Palm Z22 to an iPod Touch. Don't dismiss the Palm Pilot software, it far more robust than anything available on the iPod Touch or iPhone. For example, the Palm Pilot will lookup and enter the phone number of a contact when creating a calendar or to-do entry. Version 3.0 helped close the gap, but I still miss many of my Palm software features. I just got tired of carrying two devices, an iPod Nano and a Palm Pilot, to get both organized and entertained.
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    John Sculley versus Steve Jobs: A Study in Timing
  • They will add still and video cameras to the iPod Touch and a still camera to the iPod Nano. They will announce that the Beatles albums, but not individual songs will be coming to the iTunes store.
  • Windows 7 still looks just like a bad copy of Leopard. Even the demos of Windows 7, which I watched on MS website, could have come straight from Cupertino. A friendly engineer takes you through the demos. Look, it has a find function similar to Spotlight, a drab looking dock, a photo program that works something like iPhoto. And, you can even put your own photo slide show on your desktop. It's all been done before by Apple and it was done with class and panache. Where is the innovation? Considering all the money that MS has made from Windows sales over the years, one would think they could come up with something new and or innovative.
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    5 Reasons Why OS X Still Beats Windows
  • The iPhone/iPod Touch interface is a step or two away from the desktop paradigm that made the Mac OS and Windows popular. The next interface could be through speech recognition, like Hal in the movie '2001 A Space Odyssey', or a direct connection to our brain which would not require any media or physical connection to the computer. Unless the next interface is a giant leap in productivity for the user, then business will stick with Windows because they have too much invested to make the switch to OSX. We may love our Macs, but business doesn't work on what people love, ease of use or style. They work on money. In business money talks and everything else walks.
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    Why Apple Shouldn't Ignore the Enterprise
  • The only drawback is that I listen to my music on airplanes. The airlines are putting internet access on some of their planes, but the cost will not be cheap and it may take years for it to work on international flights. I still like having my music on my computer, on CDs and my iPod. I don't need an iPhone, because I get a free on from my employer so I would have to be near a WiFi spot to listen to music.
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  • Bravo! The current version of the Leopard and the Windows Vista desktop paradigm is getting very old and tired. Both desktops are just lots of incremental improvements over the first Macintosh finder and mouse circa 1984. Macintosh brought the GUI to the general public and Microsoft has spent the last 25 years catching up. Apple needs to make the next leap forward, either a desktop/laptop version of the iPhone software or something in an entirely new direction. Apple is the company that 'Thinks Different' and hopefully they are doing just that in Cupertino behind closed doors.
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    Mac 2.0 or How Apple Could Win the Desktop Wars
  • When Windows 95 came out, it was a poor copy of Mac OS8 regardless of what the judge said in a famous copy-write infringement case that went against Apple. Every iteration of WIndows has incorporated some features copied directly from the Mac. A vista version of Dashboard and Spotlight, and a Win 7 version of the dock. If Apple does it, then Microsoft will copy it within a couple of years. However, like some bad horror movie the MS clone version will always be uglier and clunky compared to the Apple original version. Consider the iPod and the Zune. When you are number one, you can pedal anything to the masses. There has never been an IT manager who was fired for buying Dell hardware and Microsoft Office running on Windows.
  • My 512k fat Mac still works running system 4.0 but it sits in my closet because I can't figure out how to get the data off the external 20 mg Apple HD. Every Mac I have owned, except for a Performa 6300CD, still works. I have two 2001 iMacs which work just fine running system 10.2.8 and my G5 iMac and my son's Macbook are used daily running Leopard. I am not a Mac, but I am a Mac Fanatic. My work Dell laptop, running XP, does an adequate job but it's just not the same as my gumdrop iMacs. XP is like a bad copy of 10.2 with a garish interface. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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    Top 10 Reasons Why I'm a Mac
  • Do you like it or not? I like using my Macintosh computer (OS10.5) better than my Windows PC (XP) at work. That's the bottom line. They both do similar things, but I enjoy my iMac more than the Dell PC. I don't drive a BMW or a Mercedes Benz because I don't like them. I drive a Honda Accord because I like it even though I can afford a BMW or a Mercedes Benz. All three will get me down the road just fine including a Chevrolet or a Ford. But in the end when I have to write the check I have to say to myself, "I like it!"
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    Apple, Please Give Us More Bang for Our Buck
  • Unless you only 'hunt and peck' instead of touch type, the keyboard on a netbook reduces you to 'hunting and pecking' just like on an iPhone/iPod Touch keyboard due to their small size. You are not thinking outside of the box. The iPhone/iPod Touch is the beginning of a device that is less like a midget laptop and more like an expanded personal assistant. I don't think you would want to write the next great American novel on a netbook, nor would you want to run the accounting department at GM on a midget computer. A 13' Macbook would work fine for what you describe you need a netbook and still get all the functionality of a desktop computer. What you really want is cheap. Apple's appeal is that they seriously take their old advertising slogan, 'Think Different.' While the folks in Austin Texas, among others, follow the slogan 'Think Copycat'.
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    6 "Apple Will Never Release a NetBook" Myths Debunked
  • The iPod Touch and iPhone are basically iPod music players with added features like a phone. Other apps like mail, calendar and thousands of others available on the App Store which allows you to turn it into anything you like. However, it is evolving into an iPod with the capability of a PDA or very smart phone. Netbook computers are either very small laptops with a midget keyboard or a gigantic iPod Touch that won't fit in your pocket. Most people won't want to do Photoshop, Excel spreadsheets and video editing on a netbook size screen and keyboard, but an expanded iPhone/iPod Touch will fit most people's needs for a small portable computing device that will compliment their desktop or laptop computer and will fit in their pockets.
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    6 "Apple Will Never Release a NetBook" Myths Debunked
  • Apple has the next generation of 'Netbooks' available today. It's the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Version 3 of the iPhone operating system will incorporate such useful items as copy, cut and paste. It will also sync the notes application to your Mac or PC. The next generation iPod Touch and iPhones will blow away the current netbook market, just like the iPod blew away the MP3 market.
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    6 "Apple Will Never Release a NetBook" Myths Debunked
  • Market share, who cares? BMW and Mercedes Benz have a lower market share of the U.S. car business than G.M. or Honda. Both Chevrolet's and Honda's will all get you down the road, but as Steve Jobs once said "The Journey is the Reward". I use XP at work and Macs at home. They both do similar things, but I love working on my Mac and put up with XP because I don't have a choice. Why can't MB or BMW build and sell cars that sell below $20,000? Can Apple build laptops that retail below $700? Of course Apple can do it, but the quality would suffer along with the profit margin. Apple is not like the grocery store, where they make a two cent profit on a million can's of soup.
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    Apple Low End Laptop? Call Me Back When You Sober Up