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  • Oct 13, 2009
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  • While the iPhone is the best smartphone, I agree there are a number of issues/problems/things its lacks that need to be addressed if Apple really wants it to be the every best smartphone/phone. - Full Bluetooth; not really needed, I don't use it on my iPod Touch - Simultaneous running of applications; not really needed, we humans can only do one thing at a time, unless you are a woman - Video recording; yep totally agree - Document editing (eg spreadsheets and word processing); yes needed - Flash playback in Safari; not needed, but would be nice as others will have it, unless Apple can come up with something better - Physical keyboard; no not needed - Picture messaging, yes needed - Auto brightness control that works right; yes needed - Forward facing camera; I would prefer the camera to be in the middle, with iChat video conferencing, wow - High resolution camera; as least a 5mp with a flash I won't be buying my iPhone for a while, until the price comes down and when these issues are addressed