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  • most of these "inside sources" are actually analysts from investment firms. i think what appleinsider and thinksecret do is extrapolate from analysts' guidance and make their own predictions. check out this site to see how bad analysts are at predicting apple rumors: http://applerumortracker.com/ remember, rumor sites are just that. they're in the business of propogating rumors, true or not.
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    How Accurate is Think Secret?
  • I would much rather see dedicated Page Up and Page Down buttons, as well as a forward Delete without having to use third-party hacks. They need to get rid of the useless enter key.
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    Apple's One Button MacBook Pro Mistake
  • MacDualie MacSolo LeBigMac RoyaleWithCheese
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    MacBook... what else could it have been?
  • Apps: Toast Titanium BBEdit / TextWranger NetNewsWire VLC Player System enhancements: MenuMeters http://www.ragingmenace.com/software/menumeters/ Butler http://www.petermaurer.de/nasi.php?thema=butler&sprache=english MenuCalendarClock http://www.objectpark.net/mcc.html LiteSwitch http://www.proteron.com/liteswitchx/ DefaultFoldersX http://www.stclairsoft.com/DefaultFolderX/ DoubleCommand (remap that useless "enter" key!) http://doublecommand.sourceforge.net/ And yes, even though Quicken on Mac is inferior to the Win version, there's simply no better alternative on Mac. Believe me, I've looked!
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    The Applications You Really Need
  • A docking station, so I don't have to plug/unplug a USB, ethernet, firewire, s-video, speakers, and power adapter every day.
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    What Do You Want Out Of The Intel Based Mac Laptops?
  • When you're a public company, the phrase "fear of increased sales" does not exist in the vocabulary of mgmt or stockholders. So that's never a reason to not advertise. Apple is going to ride the iPod wave for as long as it can. If the iPod can attract non-Mac users to consider using Macs, while selling iPods at the same time, that's better bang for the buck than strictly advertising OS X. It's very difficult to sum up why OS X is better than WinXP to someone who's never used a Mac before, especially in a 30-60 second TV spot. Like The Matrix, one cannot be told what OS X can do; they must experience it for themself. All the advertising in the world is meaningless if the product that's being promoted is not easily accessible. For something as complex as an OS, this is where the Apple Stores come in. The stores make it easy for people to come in, ask questions, and really experience what Mac is all about. Whether it's an iPod ad, a Mac ad, or word of mouth that brought them in, it's here where the consumer makes the real decision to switch to Mac or not. And this is what most people don't understand about marketing. Consumers don't make decisions to purchase big-ticket items after seeing an ad or two. And switching to Mac is a big deal, in terms of time and energy spent in learning the new system, as well as monetary considerations for the purchase. Hence, it becomes a war between brands and leaves it to the consumer to seek out more information and determine which is more suitable for them. Some will choose Wintel, others will choose Mac. The iPod ad campaign reinforces the Apple brand and associates a "coolness" factor to Apple that no existing product ever could for Msft. If Apple were to start an ad campaign soley for OS X, instead of showing off what OS X can do as most Mac users suggest, it would be better for Apple to point out a specific task that is difficult to accomplish in the Wintel world, and show how it's easily done in the Mac world. That is something that Wintel users could relate to and may make them reconsider why they continue doing things the hard way.
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    Where's the Mac Media Blitz?
  • agree. intel cpu is not going to replace the powerpc. however, other intel components may be used for wifi, networking, dsp, etc. the tablet mac idea still seems a bit too fringe. paul thurrott (internet nexus) is really trying to prop up his ego by telling everyone how he predicted this intel/apple partnership, and how his sources confirm it. sources also confirmed that my dog likes to lick his balls - that doesn't mean i bring it up every time someone mentions dogs. everyone knows that osx can run on x86... so what? there are far cooler advances in the apple labs that we can't even possibly imagine or comment on. this intel partnership will turn out to be anticlimactic at best when its true function is revealed.
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    Intel Inside Your Mac?
  • spotlight is not meant to be an applications launcher. it's a search utility. i personally don't have much use for spotlight as i don't use mail/ical/addressbook/safari/iwork, and my files are organized enough so i can find what i need w/ a finder search. let quicksilver/launchbar/butler do its thing and spotlight do its thing. people who upgraded are just starting to realize the power of apple's marketing muscle.
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    Looking Forward to 10.4.1
  • listen to me now and believe me later, this is a good thing. a lot of apps and os extensions that work in panther will break in tiger. the smart people are waiting a month or two or at least until the first software update comes out before upgrading to tiger. amazon is doing you a favor by delaying the inevitable. you'll thank them later.
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    So How's Tiger?