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    Apple IIGS
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  • Even assuming that the technical difficulties in the hardware and software could be overcome I'm not sure if a convertible tablet is something that Apple would be interested in doing. I think that Apple do their best work when the concept that the are designing can be expressed simply; for example the iPod was "all your music in your pocket". A convertible tablet isn't a simple concept especially when it changes OS depending on whether the keyboard is out or not. You've also got the business side and the problem of how you price this convertible tablet. Ultimately Apple would like you to buy both an iPad and a Mac. A combined device would eat away at this so I would imagine that it would be priced pretty close to the combined price of a iPad and a MBA. Would it sell at this high price? I'm not sure it would sell enough to be worth the cost of developing it. torrent download
  • am the proud owner of the iPhone 4, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. This is an amazing phone with exceptional strength. I was a former Android owner, and I had hesitation with switching to Apple...but let me tell you that I have absolutely no regrets! This phone is solid. Take it from someone who owned a BlackBerry (Curve & Storm) and Android! This is simply an amazing phone. And for those of you who believe that they should wait for the iPhone 5 because of possible LTE service, I highly doubt that will happen this year. Verizon spends quite a bit of time testing their phones, and since LTE is not fully established yet, I don't think they would release a product that isn't fully functional yet. My guess is that the iPhone 5 will actually be a iPhone 4S, similar to the 3 and 3GS, with a slight enhancements. The next big upgrade will come when all carriers are on board with LTE and Apple can make ONE type of phone that's operational on ALL networks. This will probably be a 2012 release. In conclusion, those of you who are questioning the purchase, you won't be sorry. I am IN LOVE with my phone! Palm, PocketPC & IPAQ
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    Why Do iPhone Users Have to Put Up with Carriers?
  • I remember back when I wanted these, but I was upset about Apple having THREE instead of FOUR RAM slots like my Sawtooth G4! So I decided to try to purchase a G4 MDD or a G5. torrent games
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    Power Mac G4 (QuickSilver)
  • I’m wondering if iPhone is such a big seller Apple were scared to crush the world Flash market with a 64GB phone.
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    iPhone 4: Initial Reactions