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  • Aug 15, 2006
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  • Well, considering I run Panther on a 1999 Wallstreet Powerbook... that's a tall order to match. Vista's got no chance with those who want to keep their current set-ups and just upgrade. You'll have to be buying the system with Vista pre-installed and specs guaranteed to get it going with no fuss.
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    Why Is Vista So Resource Hungry?
  • Yeah - so the conglomerate's players "jive well with Windows PCs". Where does that leave Mac Users? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember Creative or Sony offering Mac software for their players. In fact, I'd love to hear of any big-name jukeboxes that are Mac-compatible. That leaves us with the choice - mass storage unbranded player (no good for over about 256MB) or iPod or some serious haxies.
  • Well, over in England, Macs are very few and very far between in education. The school I'm leaving has a grand total of ~30 Macs, compared to ~400 Windows Boxes. And currently, the Macs are all in cupboards rotting. Make of that what you will.
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    Do Apple Products Really Enhance Education?
  • Again? I hold no great expectation that it will meet June 2007 either. Frankly, I'll be surprised if it makes it before the end of 2007.
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    Charlie Brown, Vista and the Football of DOOM
  • OS X's HIGs really can't be used to justify it as being better than Windows or Linux - the different skins are all over the place! Brushed metal here, unified there, burnt metal for the other. There is only one way to decide on which is best - use all the options and then take the one that gives you a warm glow inside. For me, OS X. For a friend of mine, Ubuntu. The head of Chemistry at my school, however, has only ever used Windows - so he's not in a position to make the decision.