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  • Apr 09, 2010
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  • Since most of my work consists of email, writing and presentations -- sometimes a little video editing -- I bought LogMeIn for those times I need to access my laptop from the office. But I am very excited to be using the iWork apps and using the iPad and my iPhone for everyday work. For the option of not having to lug around my laptop, it may be worth it for me. And I get the added plus of having a incredibly vivid e-reader, movies and distraction apps!
  • Extremely well said! I had this very conversation with someone about the iPhone last year. He insisted that the iPhone would die because of Apple not allowing for an open platform, developers will go elsewhere eventually. My argument was that developers will go where consumers end up taking them. Consumers do not care about open and closed systems. Most of them don't even know what that means! Give them a product they will use and that is the product they will buy. You can either develop for them or be more closed (minded) than the system you are griping about.
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    Attention Geeks: The iPad Is Not a Threat