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  • ha ha, another hilarious yet insightful one (typical Chris, I would say). Really enjoyed your analogy, although I actually like peas. :-) (But I used to hate them, so I understand... Who knows? Maybe you'll come to enjoy video calls one day.) I agree, FaceTime is more about giving the customers "justification" for a new handset, rather than about its actual usefulness. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to have the capability if/when you actually need/want it, I guess?
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    FaceTime? Try Rehashed Pea Salad
  • I've always liked your writing style (while some people, apparently, can't see past your jokes to get the real point), but this piece is, at least in my opinion, definitely one of your best. Very well done, sir - thanks for a great read.
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    Ballmer is Running Scared, Spewing FUD with every Step
  • Geez, and I thought I was obsessive... I've got complete / consistent metadata (even using "Sort XXX" fields for giving proper sorting order for non-English artists/songs/albums; too bad iPod ignores them), "base" playlists for combining multiple genres into one, per-rating playlists (and their "non-recent" counterparts, with different "Last Played" setting for each, of course), number of "shuffle" playlists (made by joining "base" lists with "non-recent" lists), etc. Yeah, I hate myself, too. :-) But I haven't gone so far (yet) as using external scripts. Maybe I'm still sane enough. ;-)
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    Obsessing Over iTunes: Super Smart Playlists
  • I had a similar issue with AirPort connectivity after I installed additional memory to my wife's iBook G4; turns out, you need to press REALLY hard when you plug in the cable back to AirPort card (i.e. the same story as Chris').
  • If you've ever installed Windows XP on a disk with an existing OS (rather than a brand-new disk), you'd have been able to recognize exactly what "one thing that concerned me was deleting a partition so XP would have a place to go" means. Yes, the article "clearly" says that he installed Windows on "a" partition. However, unfortunately, that partition seems to have replaced the original partition (HFS+, with Mac OS X on it) which the user "deleted" to make room for Win XP. And yes, I also think it's a little silly. But it could happen, especially to someone who has never installed Windows on existing systems.
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    AAM: Three's a Crowd
  • Just adding to my previous comment, what he should have done instead is either to use BootCamp (for resizing the Mac OS partition to create a secondary partition, on which you can install Windows), or to use Parallels / VMWare.
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    AAM: Three's a Crowd
  • For 5.1 speaker solution, I suggest checking out Griffin FireWave; I haven't used it myself (and it's probably not the cheapest solution), but apparently it's designed specifically for Mac and provides exactly that functionality, using FireWire port instead of USB. As for Win XP installation issue, I'm afraid the user has indeed erased the very partition which Mac OS X is installed on. The easiest way to undo the damage would be, I'm afraid, to just re-install Mac OS X from the installation DVD.
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    AAM: Three's a Crowd