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  • May 10, 2010
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  • Walt is right. If Facetime is pea salad, then what is Skype? Lima beans? People all over the world have been using video chat over their 3G networks for years. I know because I bought a Sony Ericcson V800 more than 5 years ago which had a camera that swiveled from front to back (it was a flip phone), and it had several LEDs that would light up a dark environment. It came from Spain, I think. It had a big Vodafone logo on it and I just popped by AT&T;sim in it and started using it. Of course I couldn't do video calls, but the tech was there. You act like nobody will seriously use this feature. Just like nobody was going to use USB until Apple made it standard and killed all the other ports on their computers. Remember, Apple skates to where the puck is going, not to where it is. Just like Gretsky.
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    FaceTime? Try Rehashed Pea Salad
  • "The interesting thing about the graph isn’t the number of units sold, the interesting thing are the slope of the lines. Mac sales are flat. iPod and iPhone sales are growing. So you put resources into the growing market or the flat market. Where is the bigger bang for the buck? I generated the chart myself using numbers from Apple quarterly reports. And Apple has already reported first quarter results for 2009 (the quarter ended in December of ‘08). Check it out for yourself: http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2009/01/21results.html So there you have it. I think I’ll stick with the whole pill." Thanks for explaining that. That means that true, Mac sales are flat compared to iPhone or iPods, they have remained constant and look like they might have grown a bit. I can't really read it that well since it's really blurry. Compared to the rest of the industry, that's pretty good. Dell, HP and the others probably have a worse curve than Apple. The real surprising thing is that Mac sales didn't dive compared to competitors or even the iPhone. Plus add the fact that a lot of countries got the iPhone this year is even more amazing that iPhone sales didn't go even higher. The main point I was trying to make was that Apple knows when to hold new releases of hardware until it's economically sound to do so. We're at a fragile point here with our economy. Big banks, big merchants and even some automobile manufacturers are near bankruptcy. Apple knows that this year is pretty much going to suck, so they are bagging it and going to hold on until things get better before releasing anything new, or at least until they sell out of what they have in the channel. You have a point that Mac users have been treated like second class citizens compared to iPod and iPhone users. It could be that the OS team at Apple has gone through a lot of engineers. Just read what rixstep says about them. They did break a lot of things with Leopard that are still not fixed.
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • What are you talking about? Have you looked outside and seen the current state of the economy? Did you go to Macworld and see how depressing it was? The REASON Apple sells more iPhones and iPods is that they are less expensive then a MAC, DUH! Do you really expect Apple to sell 10 million Macs in one quarter? Besides, where did you get this chart and why is it so small? Where is the data that backs up this chart? Oh yeah, the first quarter of 09 isn't over yet so are you predicting those numbers? Next time cut the pill in half before you take it.
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • I can see that a lot of people who bought mobile me aren't the same type of people who will tolerate Apple treating them like scum and gladly paying for it like the .mac folk were. I was one of them. I started using my .mac email for business and didn't want to change it, so I kept paying and paying. I started to hunt around for deals and was able to get the fee down to about 70 bucks, but it still was a ripoff. I hope that the media and all these new iPhone users who were suckered into buying .me rip Apple a new corn chute. I liked Apple better when it was a small fish in a big pond, now it's a bloated fish in a big pond.
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    MobileMe Pushes Back Everything