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  • Apr 23, 2006
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  • Mac offers the flexibility to run all the programs that they are used to at the same or better speeds of x86 machines, at a price and quality equal to or better than a Dell --- YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT? Dell: £449 inc vat + del Pentium Dual Core, 512 meg ram, 160gb hd, dvdrw combo drive, 19" TFT, keyboard mouse ect, xp home Apple: £449 inv vat + del intel core solo, 512mb, 60bg hd. (no keyboard, mouse, or tft) Plus, if i want to play games on my dell machine, i can pay £200 for a decent graphics card and slot it in. Can i do this with the mac mini. NO! You get a hell of a lot more for your money with dell im affraid.
  • I have been a windows user for years and right now, i see no reason to upgrade to vista. My winXP already has transparent glass, shadows ect to my eye candy is sorted. I don't think i've ever been this disapointed over what they showed us in 2003 to what the're about to deliver. Its shocking. I would love apple to port osx to run on non apple hardware and get rid of windows. The only thing that actually stops me buying a mac is the price. It's like £700 for a decent mac mini and you can't even play new*ish games. If you want to play games on a mac you have to pay £2,000 while my current system runs all the latest games and it's cost me around £700 all together. Just bought a recent upgrade of graphics card (7800gt) and easily upgraded. I think the end of microsoft, will be when people can build there own mac systems cheaply with whatever components they choose, without having to pay double the price.