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  • Mar 24, 2006
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  • The iTMS and iPod are not a monopoly just because they've done so well. Apple was forced to use DRM by the record companies. Consumers still have the option of purchasing CDs and copying them to their iPod. Besides why go to another online store when the iTMS has the most choices and the best quality. The other stores are still using a codec that's over ten years old (MP3) This article is ridiculous. With as little products as Apple makes, it would be foolish to split into two companies. The fact is, the computer is the hub for the digital home. The iPod is just a compliment to the computer. They feed off each other. You can't cut the line between them. The way all this is tied together is through Bonjour, wireless networking and connectivity with existing electronics (i.e. TV). Why do people have such wild ideas about this company? Think simplicity and functionality. That's what drives Apple.