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  • Jan 10, 2008
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  • It's sad to say, but I worked as network administrator for a huge credit card company last 3 years and _obviously_ our systems ran on Windows. The business applications from MS are on a different level compared to any other systems. The network I co-managed had close to 30k clients and (luckily) all our hardware was recent (after XP RTM). More than a year ago, we started testing Vista intensively (note: before already we were among the few alpha testing companies). With the budget to test Vista on many different configurations, we were able to configure very cheap Vista compatible and absolutely stable PCs. Ever since then the IT department has been using almost exclusively Vista [Enterprise] to manage the network and prepare a Vista roll out for at least 1/3 of the network, end next year. I recently resigned, because Windows really started to bore me. I can read the registry, write almost any kind of policy and my PC at home has 70 days uptime (restart services instead of restart the PC). I was ready for a new challenge, and a job change. I privately switched to Mac, together with the release of Mac OS 10.5. Sigh, I wished Leopard was at least just as stable as Vista when it became RTM. I hate to admit it, as new Mac user, but in more than one year, Vista only crashed once upon me. Leopard crashes at least once/week. With _Cupertino selected_ hardware. :S Still I love the switch and my 2.4Ghz MBP with 4GB is a lovely machine. :) I'd loved to have experienced some of that _Apple WOW! factor_ you relate to. It's an experience I guess I'll never live. (Btw, I was an Amiga user too and started my IT career officially with NT4)
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    I've Given Up Arguing with Windows Users