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  • Jul 22, 2005
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  • Ok you MAC lunatics listen up: 1. OSX copies windows the very foundation supports such wonderful items as protected memory for applications. Full support for new and exciting processors and flexibility to incorporate many add-ons to suit anyone's desire. 2. Mouse - look, the scroll button rocks and the click and hold get very tiring after a while. Context menus using the right mouse button are a very userfriendly feature. I know many people and the term right click confuses them evey time. The scroll wheel is the deal. 3. Control Versus Command button. Look at it this way, they enable shortcuts. That is all, the point of placement is moot. I don't use all the shortcuts available due to the whole reach for the key fiasco. It just doesn't work for some people. I have gotten used to the right button and other solutions to the problem. 4. Who cares, apple used to be about the Product, ie the MAC that could edit photos, prepare pages for magazines and such. They fell behind. The PowerPC killed backwardds compatibility. The G3, G4 and G5 killed all sortd of things. OSX was a major fiasco on arrival. Most printers and peripherals didn't work, then Apple , who doesn't make money on the software side, charged for a newer version. Each successive version adds and subtracts from the MAC experience. Older MACs are left out of the upgrade loop, G3s get limited feature and graphical support and worst of all, many apps need to be recompiled to work with newer OSX versions. This is not a product driven company given their OPSys issues and hardware issues. As AMD has proven, backward compatibilty rules all and is the be all of a system. Apple has changed their system many times and has not been kind about dropping support for older options like cocoa and such. The move to more advanced architectures is patience and emulation. Emulation is truly a slow process but in the end I would rather just keep the old rather than have to buy the new version that breaks my purchased software.
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    What OS X Could Learn From Windows
  • Apple has never leveraged themselves as a corporate computer company for one reason. Specialization, apple always targeted niche markets such as Image processing and Audio editing. Thier network solution Appletalk was unsuitable for corporate applications and the processors were slower than the Mainframe and PCs at the time when corporate america was buying up PCs and drifting away from Terminals. Marketing a company is great, however without the right product to hype, the company can't survive. Apple made a brilliant with the Ipod, set up an exclusive store and sell only for your customers. This mainly stifles innovation. The FairPlay content protection system ought to be liscensed to as many people as possible. Proprietary standards have only hurt companies like apple. It took them a long time to dump the 68s and even longer to dump the original PPC chips. Along the way they shifted the OS in major ways that confused and annoyed many older users. The move to Intel based systems only magnifies this point. Apple needs Ipod and such to succeed, however the next big thing is around the corner and the Ipod may go the way of the AppleII.
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    The Apple Matters Interview: Seth Godin