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  • Mar 25, 2006
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  • Believe it or not, comcast.net user accounts come with very good spam filters. They work off of a honeypot concept and not through statistical or Bayesian filters. I've never found a false positive. I rarely check now unless I think I should have received something but don't. I get less than 10 spams a day on an email address that has been active 1998.
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    Will We Ever Pay For Security?
  • The Google segment was very insightful. I hadn't considered the idea that Google was floating all of those ideas to get Microsoft flailing away at the market instead of creating a real strategy. You've really got something there and I haven't read it anywhere else either.
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    The Soon To Be Most Hyped Up Non-Stories of 2006
  • pSOS, VRTX, VxWorks, Nucleus
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    How Many Operating Systems Can You Name?
  • It is going to take a long long time for CDs and DVDs to go away. I wouldn't consider purchasing a computer without a DVD burner. This is not the same as no floppy. Floppies were never used for consumer content. CDs and DVDs are. I have thousands of dollars invested in both CD and DVD discs. That investment is not a transitory kind of thing. Those discs will be viable for years to come. As for replacing the hard disk with flash, I say sure as long as it is cost effective. Unfortunately, right now there is no way that flash can compete with disk on a $/GB basis. It isn't even in the ball park. Will hard disks be obsoleted eventually, probably but it isn't going to happen by the end of 2007 which is the scheduled date for Apple to complete the switch to Intel. All in all, this article shows a real lack of real world perspective. If anything, Apple is going to use flash in the new machines as a kind of permanent cache to speed up Rosetta not as a disk drive replacement.
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    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive
  • The current Mac market share is with de facto DRM. Apple isn't competing on pure hardware but with the additional benefits of OS X over Windows. Trying to compete with Dell on a pure hardware basis is going to be a disaster. Apple is smart enough not to try. DRM of some sort is required to prevent the destruction of Apple during the switch to Intel CPUs. People are overreacting to the fact that the DRM Apple is using is the Windows Palladium bugaboo. Would people be less outraged if it was an Apple designed chip on the motherboard?
  • To Beeblebrox. I don't understand why you would give some Russians your money for files that aren't legal in the US or probably nearly anywhere outside of Russia. It makes no sense to me. You might as well just use an MP3 download service for free. The money collected by allofmp3.com does not go to the artists. Not one penny goes to anyone other than to the Russian operators of the website. The files aren't legal. The artists aren't getting paid. It is almost certainly just as illegal as using Grokster. So what is the point of spending money?
  • I don't get it. You don't have to do HDV with the new iLife suite. It works just fine with plain 720x480 old fashioned NTSC. To complain of something that is extra seems a little silly to me. If nothing else it is bragging rights. You could do HDV if you wanted to. And for $79 for the software. Try the same on Windows.
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    iLife Is No Place For HD (at least not yet)