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  • Oct 24, 2007
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  • "Apple’s hardware is so closed that you can’t change the batteries yourself in an iPod or change the memory, video card, or hard drive." This is true when it comes to the iMac and Mac Mini. Laptops are irrelivant since windows laptops are in the same boat. HOWEVER, when it comes to the Mac Pro, you are downright wrong. I recently purchased a Mac Pro for the very reason of expandability. I can upgrade my RAM to 16GB, Hard drive space to 3TB and add up to four (4) video card, supporting up to eight (8) monitors. You might be saying "yeah, but the Mac Pro starts at $2500 dollars and I can get a windows computer for much less". Yes, this is true, however, when compared to the same level windows computer (A power house), you actually pay less for the mac; more bag for your buck? Also, I believe that it's HP who have started to offer an all-in-one system for their customers also? Oh yeah, Apple has been doing this for years now. I converted 1 year ago from windows. I have been a Microsoft user and staunch advocate of Microsoft since the early DOS days. I can say unequivocally, that my experience with Macs has been one of the most enjoyable experiences. Even at max hard drive capacity, my machine keeps on ticking, whereas my previous windows computers choked up and became unusable until I freed up some drive space. I could go on forever about the flaws with windows, but there are some good things about windows also. People and friends ask me questions all the time about computers, maybe its because I've spent the last 25 years of my life working with them, maybe its because I have a degree in engineering, or maybe its the fact that I am a certified MSCE. Either way, all that doesn't matter. I look for the most smooth, user friendly, and intuitive system that I can get, and from my experience, Macs are just what the doctor ordered. I've been converting people along the way, but not by ranting and slamming windows. I've been converting them by letting use my MacBook Pro, or by simply showing them how easy it is to create a table and pie chart in Numbers. I try to give the pros and cons to both sides (Ie. Windows offers a HUGE variety of software), and some of the cons (Safari doesn't support ActiveX). By trying to remain objective even though I want to rave about how wonderful OS X is, it is that objectivity that wins people over.
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  • I too am a recent (or rather recent) convert to Mac from Windows, and must say that my experience has been quite pleasant. I try not to get over zealous about my experience when speaking to friends and family, even though I sometimes wish I could grab them by the shoulders and scream "Do yourself a favor!". As for the first post, you are correct in your comment about Gamestop and EB, however, ever take a trip to Best Buy? Maybe a CompUSA? If not, let me enlighten you to one little fact: they do have aisles and aisles of software for Windows, and have at least one to two aisles of games. This is quickly becoming less of an issues anyhow for hard core windows gamers, as the use of boot camp allows you to partake in the wonderful world of windows gaming, yet retain the working elegance of OS X. I was, or rather still am a big time windows gamer, although I do love my XBox 360, and use boot camp often for just that purpose. Yes it does seem like a bit of a pain in the rump to have to reboot, but I can tell you that my Mac Pro is "more" than capable of running anything out there for Windows. Overall however, I will say that my experience with Macs have been stellar. I also used to be a "system builder" and built my fair share of systems for family and friends, however now a days when asked what they should get, I simply share some of the pros and cons of switching to Mac, try and give a very level headed opinion based on my personal experience, and let them know that if they choose to switch, there are a ton of resources to help them make that leap of faith, including myself.
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