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  • Dec 05, 2007
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  • If the AppleTV could get the movie rental service, it would be a great improvement. I own one in Canada, and the only movies on it are kids movie that I converted. I am not watching movie on it because of the quality issue. But I made some tests, where I transfered an HD movie trailer from apple.com, and the result is great. I would watch HD movies with the rental service.
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    Is It Time for Apple to "Do an iPhone" on the Apple TV?
  • I agree for the most part, except when you talk about being satisfied with Tiger. I remember in these very pages in april of 2005 reading the same thing about Panther vs. Tiger and that the author didn't saw, at the time, the need to upgrade. I am wondering now if that author still uses Panther? I doubt it. I think the same can apply to Leopard, it's an upgrade every Mac user will use, but necessarilly need ;-) As for the top secret features, I totally agree. A let down....
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    Sorry, Children, Leopard's Top Secret Features Aren't Real
  • If you use Camino, you can "make believe" the site you visit that you are using Intrenet Explorer for Mac. It works for me on a site that requires Explorer. http://www.caminobrowser.org/support/hiddenprefs/
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    Explorer or Nothing
  • Thin Intel iBook with widescreen display.
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    Predict The Next Big Thing And Win An iPod Nano
  • Great article! I had a 5, I said BeOS but was not sure if the response had to be an OS that you actually used. regards, Jeff
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    How Many Operating Systems Can You Name?
  • I do not feel it was a product refresh event. It was the launch of a new image software (Apperture), that I think will rock, wich was introduced at a convention for photographers (who are the primary customers for the new software), and Apple used that event to launch some upgrades to some of their hardware. I did not felt at all that I was let down by a "cry wolf event" or a "product refresh vs innovation" kind of thing. Don't forget that Apple is a public traded company, and they have to stay in the news, to interest people, so their stock stays healthy. my 2 cents, regards,
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    Mac Laptop Market Share Poised to Spike?
  • I use spotlight a lot. The Dashboard for me is a very useful feature. For example, the other day while in the car with my wife, we were translating words in french ( I live in Quebec, Canada) for our daughter. We came up to a word that neither of us could tranlate in english, and then it hitted me; I could do it in the Dashboard translator widget. On the weekend at the lake, I could use the Dashboard weather widget. I use Dashboard everyday, for converting, translating, reading comic strips or listening to radio stations. I can't wait for the yellow pages directory to be available in Canada. (if ever) Another cool feature of Tiger that i use everyday is the Jabber compatibility of iChat. I have people using iChat, but more people I know are on MSN, so I now use only one IM software. As for feature I don't use; I have never even open Automator :-( regards,
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    Tiger? Where did you go?
  • Great article! Let me just say that I relate to the childlike feeling you are describing! In Tiger, I am excited about Mail 2.0 for the smart mail boxes and the integration with other software (iLife, QT), Safari RSS, Spotlight, iChat 3.0. Also, all the little details added that were missing in iCal and adress book. The new H.264 codec in QuickTime, is also very exciting. regards, jeff
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    Anticipating Tiger
  • I will miss Panther as well... As you said the 10.4.1 already announced before the initial release of the OS does not sound good. Why not wait a couple of months to deliver a rock solid OS? From what I've heard, Apple wants to give a longer life span to Tiger than previous OS. So why the rush? Panther could have still been the OS of choice for quite some time now.
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    Pretty Pleased with Panther