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  • Oct 14, 2009
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  • Apple will continue to make wonderful desktop software and try to continue to lock you in to their own "cloud" solution with Mobile Me. They should have partnered with Google a while back and made all their software work with Google's stuff. Forget Mobile Me. Apple should have made everything work with GMail, Google Calendar, Blogger, Google Apps, etc. Store everything on Google. But design it on the Mac with native software.
  • Forget netbooks. Google is looking to the future. The netbook will die. But it will be replaced by portable internet devices. Think of the iPod Touch. There is a lot of room in this market. Think 8" - 10" tablets. This is what Google is looking at.
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    Google OS Poses Double Whammy Threat to Microsoft
  • @Alfiejr Stop with the hardware and software integration arguments. It doesn't exist. Why does OS X run just as well on crappy Dells? The Hackintosh community has proven that. Its simple. Apple gouges us because they know they can. Windows is so bad that I'll pay a $1000 more for an equivalent piece of hardware just to run OS X. And Apple better hope that Adobe doesn't wake up and make Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, etc. available for Linux. Then Apple would be in serious trouble. I would jump ship in a second to be able to do video editing and graphics stuff on a Linux based PC if it saves me $1000 on the cost of the hardware.
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    Apple, Please Give Us More Bang for Our Buck
  • Unless Microsoft builds Windows 7 on top of Unix, it won't work for me. Now if it does incorporate Unix the same way OS X does, then I would take a look at it. Especially when I can build a good PC for far less than I can buy a Mac Pro. In my dream world, Adobe would release Photoshop and Premiere Pro for Linux. Then I would definitely build a PC.
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    What if Windows 7 is Actually Half-Decent?
  • I also think Apple undersells themselves. Typically, you look for the right balance for price and sales. At what price can you make the most profit? Sell 1000 units at $500 profit nets you $500K. Sell 500 units at $1000 profit gets you the same. I think Apple doesn't believe they can really sell more units and would lose profit. But I talk to a lot of people that tell me they would switch to an Apple if they could get it near the same price as Dells.
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    Microsoft is Right About the Cost of Macs
  • I always hear the same line from Mac fanboys. "It's the integration of software and hardware." What integration? People have shown that OS X runs great on other hardware. The problem is we are suckers. We love OS X so much that we are willing to pay a tax to use it. I'm dealing with this issue now. I need to replace my PowerMac G5 but with what? Spend $3000 - $4000 on a Mac Pro? Or get an iMac? Something that will cost me over $3000 if I want to run it with 8GB's of memory. A machine that I can't add a second drive to. Or build my own PC for around $1500 with an Intel i7 processor, the desktop version of the Nehalem processors. I could hack my version of OS X to work with this. I'm almost rooting for PyStar to win. Maybe it will get Apple to lower their prices.
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    Microsoft is Right About the Cost of Macs
  • The larger the hackintosh community, the more of a market Apple has to see for a desktop expandable Mac in the $1500 price range.
  • I suppose Apple may be looking at this as a test market for a potential desktop consumer Mac. Or its just wishful thinking on my part.
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    Why Does Apple Allow Personal Hackintoshes?
  • @UrbanBard, Its a shame you love OS X so much considering how much leftist socialist software is included in it. FreeBSD, Apache, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Sqlite, traceroute, whois, curl, etc. I could go on and on, but I don't want to upset you knowing that your beloved OS contains a lot of socialist software. You should be really thinking the open source movement, because without it, OS X would cease to exist in its current form, and Microsoft would control the Internet.
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    Are Hackintoshes Illegal?
  • @UrbanBard, Another scenario, I owned a Miata. I looked into putting a Ford 5.0L V8 motor in it. Would it be in Ford's rights to say I couldn't buy a motor from them and drop it in a car that wasn't a Ford? Even if Ford had a EULA attached to the motor? This was tried in the 50's by Ford and GM. Courts shot them down. So why is it different for software? As long as I'm buying that copy of OS X, it is mine, not Apple's. I have the right to do with it as I please. Its my copy. If I want to use it to power a toaster, its my right. EULA's are useless and lawless, especially those that come inside the packaging yet tell you by opening the package, you accept the rules of the EULA. How can you accept it? You had to open the package to even read it. I guess we just have different opinions on what constitutes property. You believe that DVD you purchase belongs to Apple. I believe that DVD that I purchase belongs to me.
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    Are Hackintoshes Illegal?
  • I bought this really awesome exhaust system from BMW and made it fit my Mazda. My Mazda now sounds really cool and it runs faster. But wait, based on the arguments of many of you fanboys here, I'm hurting R&D;at BMW because I didn't purchase a BMW which comes with this exhaust. This exhaust is only an upgrade for existing BMW's. Do you realize how silly you guys sound trying to defend a EULA?
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    Are Hackintoshes Illegal?
  • Who cares? I bought a retail copy of OS X. If I want to make it work on my toaster, nobody is going to tell me I can't try. All software companies can take their EULA's and stick them up their ... If Apple wants to control the OS, embed it in firmware on a Mac. Then we'll see how far Apple goes. I'm off to research building a hackintosh now. Apple doesn't provide me with enough options on the desktop, therefore I'm interested in creating my own option.
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    Are Hackintoshes Illegal?
  • @warragul, How much profit does Apple make in a single iMac? Maybe $400? Thats the cost of 3 copies of OS X. Money is in the software, not the hardware.
    jocknerd had this to say on Feb 13, 2009 Posts: 23
    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • I want to say companies will take Macs seriously when Apple takes Macs seriously. But the real answer is larger companies will never go with Apple because Microsoft is making it damn near impossible. They are doing to server software what they did with Office. They are integrating everything. Exchange, Office, Sharepoint, IIS, etc. Its all a pile of crap, but it integrates well. And executives drool over that.
  • Its time for Apple to license OS X. They have all but given up on desktop hardware.
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?