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  • Apr 20, 2010
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  • Very thoughtful and well put. If Ballmer had bains, he would hire you as his personal coach and PR point man. Unfortunately for him, he's more like the strawman in the Wizard of Oz, except that he doesn't realize the predicament he's in, and the degree to which he's running on empty coasting downhill.
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    Ballmer fixated on Mac, Misses Big Picture
  • Let's try looking at this from a different direction. What's not to like for a consumer or family to have easy to use enterprise style features (web sync, push email, etc) for the "consumer computing experience"? I've been looking forward to MobileMe since announced, and now have my 4 Macs, iPhone, and iPod Touch sync'd together and working quite nicely. My phone is used more outside the home; the iPod touch, for example, on wireless, while wandering around the home, working in the garage or home office, or more "corporate desk" which has only a company laptop (but with quick notification now of any new emails on my .MAC account. I think in spite of the early teething pains this will be a success. And judging by companies like Axel Springer who are converting to all Mac, I'm sure this kind of functionality is welcome. Do I expect a firm like where I work to care? (using WIN2K and ancient versions of office apps), not hardly, though they have already looked into the iPhone, and with the revised 2.0 firmware capabilities may start supporting it, as it addresses the past issues and concerns. It's a German company, and Apple does have an unusual status over there, unlike, say, Asia. Those who care just take things into their own hands, and use the office laptop or PC to deal with email and necessary intranet client software. Funny, with this Snow Leapard update, I bet I could setup a Mac on our network without problems and run the most of the internal applications, too, as they're Java based. It's going to be interesting to see how this unfolds.
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    Enterprising Apple
  • Couldn't agree more. It was the 3rd Apple product I ever bought. Along with the 30" Cinema display, sing an ode to the MacBook Pro's and PowerBooks (17" PB being the first Apple product I bought), which as far as I know are the only laptops in the world that can drive this display. I need another one, because one has been dedicated to my quad core G5, but now I'd really like one to use at anytime with the MacBook Pro, because of the OSX and Windows CAD programs I use. I do a lot of technical pubs, plus I'm an amateur photographer, and while Light Room works pretty well on the 17" MBPro display, it really shines on the 30".
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    An Ode to the 30" Cinema Display