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  • Dec 08, 2006
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  • I would just be happy with .Mac mail to be free .. everything else I can take care of on my own on my university's server (not that it's exactly very trustful either) .. but paying 129$ per year (yes, in Canada it's that expensive) is a little much. Why not give everyone who buys a Mac a free .Mac email account?
    kennie had this to say on Aug 17, 2006 Posts: 3
    .Mac Needs to Be Radically Retooled
  • Looking at these ads from a marketing communications POV - they do accomplish what they set out to do - compare the virtues of the MAC against the PC and to make the target audience more aware of what the MAC can do - and what the PC can't (or does do that no one wants it to do) Will these ads cause a mass switch amongst consumers? Probably not. Will these ads highten MAC's awareness and position in the target markets mind? Probably. Do recent switchees from PC to MAC find these ads amusing? I know I did as I kept sitting here watching them going - yeop - don't have to put up with that s**t anymore. What's the main purpose of an advertisment campaign? To increase awareness; to let consumers out there who may be in the market for a new computer know that MAC is an option - and that all (well.. most) of thier current peripherals will work - and that they still will be able to communicate with their PC friends. The one thing we know that these ads will do, is make people think - why am I not using a MAC?
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    Why the New Mac Campaign will Fail
  • well if that is the case, then I might owe a lot on taxes - hopefully this does not apply to Canadians. Looking at some past receipts, there is no taxes added to the purchases - the price quoted on itunes when I download is what is on the itunes generated receipt and it also what appears on my credit card (and yet again, another perk to buying digital music - no taxes :-) ) I know up here in Canada, the itunes gift card is 'tax free' - so the 20$ card only costs 20$ (but i imagine there is some strange invisible built in tax that we just don't really see). The only logic that I can see in not charging taxes when we purchase on line is the difficulty in actually doing so - I know here in Canada, each province has a different tax rate .. Perhaps Apple has an invisible built in tax? --> the amount we are paying is the cost of the tune + tax = .99?
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    iTunes Tax