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  • Damn Chris! you need to get out and get some sun dude! That is some white skin bud! Krreagan
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    How Much are You Spending on Mac Pretension?
  • I was not talking about the alleged monopolistic practices! I was talking about the battery/monitor issue as you brought up to high light your (ill-conceived impression) that I would stand by Apple at all cost. Krreagan
  • There are many things about Apple to bitch about... Just not anything this topic is concerned with. As you have indicated! they need to be held accountable for their mistakes/short-cuts and I agree. But these are not the subject of the disccussion. What you have put forth, software upgrades/updates pricing, is nothing but bitching for ignorance sake and nothing more! Trying to expand this topic beyond the initial subject is disingenuous and shows the weakness of your initial argument by incorrectly presuming that I believe that Apple can do no wrong. Typical! MS was convicted of illegal monopolistic activities/business-practices. Apple, to date has not! and in this country (USA) there is a _presumption_ of innocence! Especially during an on-going investigation! But then you seem to disagree with this philosophy as you have put forth this fact as a means of proving me incorrect, which it does not! I happen to support the ideal of a presumption of innocence which you apparently do not! Krreagan
  • Beeblebrox, Unless Apple changes their business practices, you are right! I will never view Apple like MS! Apple does not stomp on the competition in illegal ways (at least not that I've seen) as MS has and still does. Apples monopoly was gained and is maintained in purely legal ways by out completing their rivals. Yes I really like the technology that Apple brings to market! It's cool and it's useful. Apple understands what consumers want more than any other technology company out there. Look again at what Apple did with the iPhone... The came out with a phone that has great technology that has the best interface out there. It was over priced but hundreds of thousands of people decided the price was worth it for the technology (not me). The phone was selling great but Apple decided to drop the price anyway, something that _EVERYONE_ at least claims to want. Apple even gives $100 rebates to some recent buyers. But some people (Chris?, Beeblebrox?) have bitched and moaned about the price drop! I cannot get a grip on why, except that these are the kind of people that need to bitch at something, anything! Now take a look at the iPod Touch & AppleTV updates... The Touch is a great video capable iPod! with WiFi capabilities and again thousands of people bought them with no expectations of expanded capabilities. Apple comes out with completely new functionality for the iPod..Mail, Notes, Stocks, Weather & Maps. These apps completely change what this unit can do! And the Maps update actually costs Apple money for each iPod update! For all intense and purposes a completely new device from a SW standpoint for $20, a complete rip-off! :?. The Apple TV update is akin to iTunes! It's free because it generates money for Apple through rentals and purchases. The iPhone update is simply a 1.1.x update which Apple makes money off of every month in addition to the purchase of the unit. So the iPod Touch update is completely a completly different kind of update because it adds great new functionality to the unit. Should have Jobs explained it on more detail during the keynote? Maybe! I really doubt that he felt it necessary to explain simple economic principles to the masses! Apple has shown that it has a sympathetic ear to it's users by giving the $100 rebate to some iPhone users. It seems the problem with doing that is it has encouraged some to bitch for no real reason in an attempt to get Apple to do it again! I suspect people like Chris Howard and Beeblebrox would find something to bitch or whine about no matter what Apple did. Krreagan
  • [QUOTE] krreagan, do you have evidence it is only iPod touches without the update that Apple has cut the price on? And therefore evidence the price will be going up again once the back stock clears? [/QUOTE] I was talking about the Amazon and others price drop, not Apples. How are the likes of Amazon to know about the upgrade it has not been made public before MW. Therefore the iPods in stock have 1.1.2 loaded on them. [QUOTE] I got no issue with a $20 upgrade fee, because you are right, you are buying new applications for your touch. [/QUOTE] Then stop whining about it! The updates for the iPhone and AppleTV add revenue streams for Apple. The iPod touch updates add functionality! [QUOTE] What I’ve got a problem with is it being charged when on the same day, iPhone and Apple TV users get their significant upgrades free. [/QUOTE] They are completely different updates! Completely different applications and different platforms! iPhone revenues are mostly from the monthly fees generated from AT&T;(in the US). There is no such revenue stream for the iPod Touch. Likewise the Apple TV (which I own) revenues will be from movie rentals and purchases on iTunes. And yes the iPod Touch will be able to rent and purchase these as well but I assume that Apple would have given the away iff it was the only new app in the update. Apple does not want the Apple TV to go to waste as it has been this last year! The updates to Apple TV are almost all revenue generating updates for Apple, Same with the iPhone, The iPod Touch however is not going to generate any revenue from any of the apps, except for the which I would imagine is going to be very small as most people will purchase items on their computer first and then transfer to the iPod. And has been pointed out, the update costs Apple money in the form of royalties to the company that supplies the data for the "locate me" functionality! [QUOTE] This is the crux of the argument that those who are supporting Apple refuse to acknowledge. [/QUOTE] Because it is an argument based on ignorance of the situation! IMHO and not one based on the expectations of a company in business to make money! [QUOTE] And instead they resort to putting words in our mouth (saying we want Apple to slow down its upgrade cycle - which of course is nothing like what we are asking) and name calling (whiners). [/QUOTE] That is the effect that will happen if Apple listens to the ones complaining (whining)! Regardless if it is your intent or not! [QUOTE] Personal attacks are no argument at all. Totally invalid. If I call you a koolaid drinking fanboy (which I’m not), does that mean I’m winning the argument? [/QUOTE] Neither am I! But I do get sick and tired of hearing complaints that Apple is doing what everybody wants them to do... Lower the price on technology and expand its usefulness! [QUOTE] But let me try another analogy It would be like if Apple said it would provide the extra apps it’s supplied with MacBook Pros and Mac Pros to all Mac owners but at a small price. Plus there’d be this new feature “Z”. Woohoo! We’d all be excited. But then imagine if Apple came out and said it would be supplying some other new apps for Pro owners along with the new feature “Z"- and it would all be free. Don’t you think non-Pro owners would feel more than a little ripped off? [/QUOTE] And where's Apples revenue stream in your example??? this _is_ the crux of the issue!!!!! Apple is giving away the razor (iTunes apps, Apps to rent and purchase media) and charging for the blades (the media). This is what it is all about! [QUOTE] That’s exactly what Apple’s done with the touch vs iPhone & Apple TV upgrades. Different rules for different users. " [/QUOTE] Different rules for different REVENUE generating apps! Krreagan
  • Careful all you early adopters! Apple might actually drop the price at some time in the future... or perhaps they will charge you $20 for iWork. That would be a total rip off! I would suggest not buying it until Apple promises _not_ to reduce the price or add any cheep, or god forbid FREE, productivity software. :) TBM
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    The Future of the MacBook Air and What it Will Become
  • Chris, The ones being sold at a discount don't have the update yet! That's why they are selling for a reduced price! So _they_ will get it all for the original price! Get your pitch forks and torches and lets all head for Cupertino! :) TBM
  • ... Mine from another forum... What a bunch of whiners… I do own an iPod Touch (since Xmas) and the $20 upgrade is very reasonable in my opinion! They have increased the usefulness (ie. value) of the device threefold with this updates (at least for me). There seem to be a lot of whiners about the burdens of early adopting!… I still can’t believe the way that people bitched about the iPhone price drop! -”Hey they dropped the iPhone price so more people will be able to afford it and I won’t be the only one with the cool advanced technology for as long!”- … Christ! One of the things I love about Apple is that they don’t wait for the competition to catch up before they update (and obsolete) their products! The have their own schedule that is not dictated by others! This means that they regularly have advanced products AND they change very rapidly! Much quicker then their competition! Let me ask the whiners this… Would you rather Apple slowed down their development cycle so they did not upgrade and reduce their prices so quickly? That is after all what I think your asking for! (or at least the consequences your whining woud have if Apple actually listened to it). truly amazing! TBM ... Apple added a great deal of functionality to the iPod touch with this _NEW_ software. This is not an update but an extension of the device. And yes I will call them whiners about the $20. This is a $300-$400 device. If the $20 is painful, why are you spending $300-400 on this in the first place! (especially without this functionality) As an Apple (BSD really) fan-boy for many years it pains me to see this kind of childish bitching because a company is actually doing great things with technology. TBM
  • Hadley, Out of curiosity, why was OSX not an option for hosting Apple Matters? I've been thinking of getting an old G4 PowerMac and moving my home server to that system (currently on FreeBSD). I've checked and all the apps that I use are availble for OSX (Qmail, Courier-imap, Apache, Squirrel-Mail ...) I realize your app package is much different, but what kept you from using OSX? Krreagan
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    Apple is Killing Linux on the Desktop
  • The numbers are from direct website access' so this implies desktop access'. NOT SALES, NOT SERVERS! what part of "used to access the web" is unclear? Granted this is not necessarily an accurate web view as NA servers don't necessarily accurately represent the net... But this is most definitely NOT Linux purchases! Linux will never have more then a few percent (mostly geeks) as the UI cannot keep up with the start of the art defined (recently) by Apple. I used Windows for years and left in the late 90's due to frustrations! The only thing more frustrating was the library incompatibilities found in Linux of the time (~1998). From the swaring I hear at work, this problem is not completely gone away even after all this time! That is why I left Linux for FreeBSD and was very happy there. When OSX came out I bought an iMac and have never looked back again for my desktop needs! And the fact that OSX is a full blown Unix OS is just icing on the cake! I use several Unix apps on my Mac's (under X). The only thing I use FreeBSD is for my home server and my work workstation (we use PC hardware there and I can't get the IT folks to budge on this). Linux will never be a main stream desktop OS as long as the current development model is used. You have hundreds of distro's with thousands of great developers using a shotgun approach to desktop applications... And they quit (for the most part) when the app is 90% complete! I can't tell you how many apps I've installed that were almost there, just needing a few more tweeks and it would be great! But they never come... Very frustrating! there is great waste in time and effort using the current OSS methodology! Krreagan
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    Apple is Killing Linux on the Desktop