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  • Jul 15, 2008
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  • They need to make hardware changes,do something about the heat problem, ( mine gets so warm that I unplug it ) also how about a DVD/Blu ray player, that way I could get rid of my DVD player.
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    Apple TV=Netflix Killer, Or Does It?
  • My Apple TV came 4/17 . Played with it a little bit. I'll make up my mind if it will do what I want it to do, when my new sound system comes in. Rotel amp and preamp with B. W. Cm7 speakers.
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    Welcome Back to Apple-land
  • I fall under ( C ). I bought a Mac thinking great I can run both XP and OSX. Now after having my Macbook Pro for 3 months I'm sticking with OSX.
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    Apple to Charge for Bootcamp?
  • Reminds of the Superman movie were Richard Pryor was working in payroll and taking the penneys and putting it on his paycheck.
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    Zune Marketplace's Absurd Pricing Scheme