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  • Jul 09, 2010
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  • Hey, I just wanted to say I enjoyed 2-out-of-2 opinions I've read of yours, Chris. They made me laugh. I like the Chevy analogy here, although it's not a perfect analogy. The ipad lacks some hardware/software features, but it is not super cheap, is it? And it is aesthetically well-designed like all Apple products. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought Cavaliers were operating on a budget. I also really liked your paragraph about how Apple has made people need things they did not think they would. I have so many friends who railed on the ipod: "who NEEDS one?" And now of course they all have one and can't live without it. I'm also surprised that I have not read that people see the ipad as the reading revolution! If anyone is a young adult or older, lives in a city, and commutes to school or work (sometimes over an hour one way), it is nice/crucial to be able to read! Books, newspapers, magazines - they are always in use on the subway. But newspapers are awkwardly big. Books are great, but can be bulky/heavy. All of this can be done on a laptop, but those are hard to use on the train. Now these forms can be read in one hand holdable device (good if you have to stand on the bus) and these can be interactive too! You could look up new words. Have multiple bookmarks for quick reference. Follow links. Etc. You can check email, your calendar, the web, etc., which is key for busy people! This is like a Kindle except a lot better. I am a researcher and have to read papers with fine print all the time. This will be so much easier to read documents like that on. I predict these will be huge. In one year, you will not be able to ride on a subway without seeing an ipad.
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    Apple's Biggest Challenge with the iPad