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  • May 05, 2008
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  • You said: 'That is a lot of money just to be pretentious.' But that's the way with everything! Why would anyone spend $5000 on a pen from Monte Blanc, when you can buy a Bic for 19¢? The entire industries are built around 'designer' or 'exclusive' products - Cars, Clothing(Fashion), Housing, Computers, Entertainment, Country Clubs, Sports, etc, etc, etc. Here's an example - - Now someone bought this item originally and, I suspect, traded it in to purchase a newer, snazier model. But why?!? Because he wanna, not because he needa.
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    How Much are You Spending on Mac Pretension?
  • This article smacks of: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!" Get rid of those fancy-schmancy Mercedes and BMWs. Nobody really needs them. Get a Tata ( 10,000 square feet for a house! Absurd! The Japanese and New Yorkers raise entire families in 900 square feet. I could go on. But your point is well taken - we have needs and we have wants. The point of product marketing (from ANY company) is to convince the buying public that you WANT their product, goods, or service. Not that you NEED it. But that your WANT it. If you NEED it, all the better - an easier sale.
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    How Much are You Spending on Mac Pretension?
  • Too expensive!?! Compared to what? A Dell? Perhaps a Gateway? Maybe even an eMachine... The reality is, is that Apple is NOT for everyone. Just like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Saab, and Rolls-Royce are NOT for everyone. I'd like to buy a Mercedes. I think that Demlier ought to lower their prices to to compete with the Kias and Hundyais of the world. Parity, don't you know. It sounds funny when you're talking about cars...and no less funny when you're talking about two disparate computers.
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    A New Cheaper eMac That Is Still Too Expensive