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  • Jul 17, 2008
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  • I agree with the general sentiment of previous posters. For me, the "phone" function of the iPhone is its least attractive feature. It's clear that Apple would rather not be in partnership with the phone companies. The iPod Touch is the future: everything you want from a mobile platform without being leeched by AT&T;, O2 etc etc. And imagine an extention of the Touch range that included the options of super-slim paperback book and A4 sizes that would, in the case of the former, blow the Kindle out of the water and, in the case of the latter, be a true multi-media and hugely-enhanced replacement for print newspapers and magazines. Add a free Skype-type technology to the iTouch, iBook and iPaper (for want of a better name) models that works consistently enough and the idea of signing up for an iPhone looks a bit lame.
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    Does the iPod Matter Anymore?