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  • May 16, 2008
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  • humm... still on a 12" PB here waiting for apple to give me an appropriate upgrade, not only screen and keyboard for the price of my soul ;-)... so my 5 cents, using a rather underpowered hardware are: - embedding: while I always liked FF on my previous PCs I always switch back to Safari- the reason is twofold: I don't keep my site passwords in my head, they are in my keychain- if I should ever completely switch to FF I would have to once enter all of them again... and if I decide against it later I'd have to keep FF for "looking up passwords for sites"... - Camino is native, but rather underdeveloped and not running as smooth as FF or Safari- but this might turn into the killer Chris mentioned when development reaches FF3 level Both Firefox and Camino seem to use much more resources on my Mac than Safari- is this just my impression? Anyway, as long as Apple actively develops Safari I see no reason to switch...
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    Firefox 3 Kills Safari
  • afraid to say, Tanner, this feat is activated with my 10.5.1...
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    Getting More out of Leopard's SIdebar
  • finger in the wound, Tanner.... I refuse to understand the reasonings that kept Apple from getting a lower end macbook pro out that would take the ancestry of my PB G4 that is still beating the crap as being my only computer 24/7...
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    Improving the MacBook Air
  • as provoking as this article is positioned among the many opinions I don't quite see any sense in using the kind of strong language You do in this article to discriminate the subjectively good from the bad... The directions You are pointing at are very well observed, alas, I don't think that things will move THAT fast... Apple is keeping technology at the edge in their equipment BUT they also want to sell a lot of solutions to the customers- what customers do not take any joy from is playing beta tester for sth that is ripe in about a year- take the iphone- they spent three years refining the whole thing, and that was almost not enough time... So as for Your statement that disc drives get obsolete I say "HO, Fury"... this still is a very convenient and cheap way to save Your data and let's not forget what we still MAJORLY are exchanging our music with... so in spite of all this music jingling in my ear, it is quite far- off from the here and now I'd say... But for the macAir... I was, am and probably will be stunned and amazed by this piece of art and well thought of solutions... cheers!
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    The MacBook Air Is a Sign of Things to Come
  • actually You CAN individually limit the time machine backup to, say, specific folders- the problem is just that You have to exclude the rest instead of including only the desired folder- but HEY You do it once, right? Nice article, very concise! thanks
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    Mac OS X Leopard: Beautiful
  • I think we are not to blame that the dollar is not so shiny at the stocks and we therefore have a relatively cheap unlocked iphone- nanananana!
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    Official Third-Party Apps and Unlocked iPhones Announced
  • sorry,
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    Don't Give Me More Speed, Give Me Efficiency
  • found it! it is very "basic" and yet in dev, but HEY, it's fast!
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    Don't Give Me More Speed, Give Me Efficiency
  • hummm, it seems You rather need a no fuss browser- there is the webkit thingy called "browser", just can't seem to find the links... also Omniweb can be configured to be very lean... cheers, mat!-)
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    Don't Give Me More Speed, Give Me Efficiency
  • I know it's nitpicky, but You started that one- it's ADAMANTIUM, actually... Wolverine seems to have changed his tour of duty, hehehe...
  • with Liger You don't need Menushade...
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    Skin Your Mac To Look Like A Leopard
  • Sorry, also true for VPC7.2- hate to put this out here, but actually as long as VPC is the only virtual platform running on PPCs stably, it will still have its place on the market... I suppose this compatibility issue will never be resolved, sounded like a predisposition to run intel processors for parallel's ever since- pity... I'll use my G4 PB for quite a while still ;-)...
  • As much as I'd like to see that all happening I am still afraid of this Lemmings only looking for FULL compatibility with their beloved XP... and thus buying their Zune thingy... it just been there too often to be ignored, didn't it?
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    The Bad Start Defined: Zune