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  • [i] why is everyone so obsessed with touch iMac... [/i] my question is: why is everyone obsessed with beatle's content on iTMS?
    nana had this to say on Jan 09, 2008 Posts: 63
    What to Expect from MacWorld 2008
  • [i]The prospect of Apple making a game console has been discussed before, but if Apple were to do such a thing it would entirely kill what the company is aiming for and thus become a failure.[/i] What is Apple aiming for? The fact that the company's name has been changed from Apple Computer to Apple Inc. tells us that they plan to diversify Apple's product line, which up to that time had been heavily concentrate in computers and iPod. Now we have the iPhone and the Apple TV. If Apple releases a gaming device featuring Apple design and ease of use would it be a failure? I dont think so. But is more likely to see gaming features in the Apple TV. 10 years ago, nobody would ever thought that MS would debut in the gaming market. The market was dominated by Sony's PlayStation and the failure of the Sega's DreamCast proved so, -but- in 2001 the Xbox was introduced to the market right after the PS2 and it was somehow successful, showing how dramatically things can be changed. 5 years ago, thinking of a video capable iPod was thinking of an absurd idea, who would want to watch movies in the iPod they say, look at Apple right now, the iTunes Movie Store has been a great success and reciently they made it big with the Apple TV. [i]...which is why you shouldn’t expect Apple to enter the gaming market any time soon.[/i] Wrong, Apple [b]is[/b] already in the gaming market, haven't you heard about the iPod games? Those games are being sold in the iTunes store already and a few days ago two new titles have just been added to the lineup —Ms. Pac-Man and EA Sudoku— [b]bringing the total number of iPod games to an even dozen[/b]. What I think will come next is Apple games for some sort of second generation Apple TV, something simple I think, making the Apple TV a media center/gaming console.
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    Why Apple Will Never Make A Game Console
  • you got me.
    nana had this to say on Mar 29, 2007 Posts: 63
    The "Privacy Optional" Generation
  • I want to meet a woman that bakes me a cake to emotionally support me and my projects. You're so lucky Hadley.
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    Apple Matters Cake!
  • i think it's taking so long because apple wants to make bootcamp fully compatible with vista. BootCamp is (for me) the biggest feature in Leopard. As you say, if you want a newer look in the good old OS X you still have ShapeShifter, [i]but[/i] if you're planning to switch and the main issue to consider is that either you still have some applications made for Windows only or, you're insecure about yourself and OS X, you have the guarantee that you will still be able to boot Windows and so you wouldnt have wasted a thousand dollars (for a macbook) in a computer that's completely worthless.
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    What If There Are No Top Secret Features in Leopard?
  • [i]Oh, finally something truly worth reading, it’s been a while[/i] totally agree. [i]What you basically lament is that the voiceless are being given a voice...[/i] Yes, everyone has the right to express themselves the way they want, and Twitter has become a good option for them. It's easier than publishing a blog, and it's way more quick and accessible. The problem is that those "voices" have nothing to say but random and senseless stuff. While blogs have many purposes, some of which can be useful, most people seem to use blogs as a way of having an online diary, but what about twitter? For me it is completely pointless/useless (at least for me, the owners of the site must be very pleased to have that amount of hits per day, you know, web advertisement is well rewarded). I dont think people at twitter are looking for some kind of attention or waiting for their words to be heared, Im pretty sure that they know that most of their post wont even be read. They’re just posting because everyone’s doing so, and this entire phenomena is another demostration of how succeptible is the human being to follow those kind stupid trends. Or are they looking to feed their egos? And yet, this is another misuse of the Internet. Consider all the quality information that is being published all over the world, and people’s lack of interest, it annoys me, but the most annoying thing is the sense of self-importance they get after even the most modest of publicity. Hopefully, this Twitter trend will turn out to be just a fad that passes quickly.
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    The "Privacy Optional" Generation
  • i hope WWDC bring us leopard. I have been waiting a long time for it.
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    WWDC June 2007 — What Should We Expect?
  • yeah, before iMacs everything was dull and beige. Even macs.
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    March 9, 2000: That Looks a Little too Familiar
  • as long as it comes with cover flow i'll be satisfied-.
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    Thoughts on the Next Gen iPod
  • Yep, I built mine too, and it meets all the requirements. I could also add another giga of RAM. The thing here is I don't care to updating to Vista, even though I could download the enterprise ultimate windows vista edition (or whatever the name is) for free. I just don't care about it.
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    Vista Helping OS X
  • [i]On DVD’s? Based on my limmited knowledge of how DVD’s work, rubbing them to remove a scratch would also remove the bumps that make it work.[/i] Well no, the information is not carried in the plastic, in fact, the info is in the thin reflective aluminium layer beneath the plastic.
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    Review-AppleSauce iPod - Scratch Removal Kit
  • Well if its meant to be used in some soft plastics, I'm pretty sure we could use it to remove scratches from DVDs.
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    Review-AppleSauce iPod - Scratch Removal Kit
  • will that work on my mother's face? if so, it'd make the ultimate mother's day gift. better than those fancy Q10 creams.
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    Review-AppleSauce iPod - Scratch Removal Kit
  • why dont you get the Motofone then? it's only a phone with stylish design that resembles the motorola SLVR L7
  • iShonk! hell yeah, i do wish someone offering me the things they dont want, i love free stuff.!! haha, yeah!
    nana had this to say on Oct 25, 2006 Posts: 63
    Who Does Apple Think is Buying iPods?