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  • Feb 14, 2006
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  • Have you ever tried a launching utility like LaunchBar (or QS). To open Safari I can just type command-space, s, [enter]. Terminal: command-space, t, [enter] TextEdit: command-space, te, [enter] Applications folder: command-space, a, [enter] And I don't have to switch to the Finder first, which save even more time and clicks.
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    Useful Finder Shortcuts
  • I the last sentence of my previous comment i should have said "pulls content wirelessly from our macs/PeeCees". Otherwise Front Row doesn't have a hope in hell.
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    What's Coming Next?
  • Well, the fact that Microsoft doesn't make the hardware and DELL/HP don't make the software didn't really stop them in the past now did it? If people have a choice between 20 different media centre PCs with different capabilities and prices, which are all compatible with one another and have the familiar M$ logo, or just 1 product from apple that is incompatible with the rest and costs more, I wonder (in the long run) which one they will choose. iPods are different, because it's was vastly superior from the beginning and is a gadget that has gained 'cool' status. Boxes to put under your TV are rarely regarded as cool, and as nice as an iMac with front row is, it's not vastly superior to the alternatives. Apple's only hope is to try and leverage the installed base of iPod users. Give us a box to sit under the TV which runs Front Row and pulls content wirelessly from ours macs, and which has a dock/slot built in to connect an iPod.
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    What's Coming Next?
  • The Video Enabled iPod Con: NO MORE FIREWIRE SYNCING
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    The Present and the Future
  • You could have mentioned the fact the Firewire syncing is now completely gone from the iPod line-up! I am very disappointed with apple regarding this issue. I usually don't mind when older technologies get chucked out (i was glad to see the back of floppy drives and more recently have been wondering how much longer we'll be seeing 56k modems as standard), but this time I mind. Apple came very late to the USB 2 game. When my not-so-old powerbook was released USB 2 was already pretty standard on PCs, but that didn't matter because after all we had Firewire. But now all apple sees is the extra $$ they can make off all the PC users buying iPods, and they drop firewire. Apple should either stick by their (FW) guns a bit longer, or get with the (USB2) program a bit sooner.
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    One More Thing Dissected
  • For Dock transparency and colour, check out Transparent Dock (Mac Update or Versiontracker). For me, the biggest feature i want to see added is spring loaded folders in the dock! I also wouldn't mind seeing the finder being totally redone. Written in cocoa, it should have the ability to turn off brushed metal and turn off the toolbar without loosing the sidebar. Things that would normally be in the toolbar (burn, search) should instead be in a separate little section within the window, like they are in iPhoto. And finally, in this separate little section there should be a drop box for storing a file temporarily while i go and find the new location for it to be moved to.
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    How Could OS X Be Improved?
  • Sony has had laptops with camera's built-in for ages... of course, when apple does it Mac users everywhere will shout about how innovative Apple is. The quality of a built-in camera must also be pretty weak when compared to an iSight. unless the lid is 10cm thick.
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    The iChat AV Resurrection
  • I've been ranting and raving about this everywhere (TUAW, drunkenblog, macworld forums) but most people just ignore it or say they don't care and I should just buy a new powerbook with USB 2... Given how late apple came to the USB 2 game, I think it's a seriously lousy decision to drop firewire support already. My rev.A 12" powerbook is still a superb machine... just no USB, which means no iPod nano for me! But i'm still curious if the functionality was totally removed from the iPod, or just disabled. I mean, it can charge over firewire.
  • I think it's a lovely looking device, but i am bitterly disappointed about the lack of Firewire support. It will charge over firewire, but not sync. My rev.A 12" powerbook is still a great machine and not too old, but i can't use it with this iPod b/c it only has USB1.1. Apple was really late to the game with USB 2, so there are lots more mac users like me who don't have it, but do have firewire. Bad call imho.
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    What Are Your Thoughts New iPod
  • Beeblebrox, if you want to use the iPod as a hard drive then it needs to be formatted, either in a mac format or a windows one. Currently, your iPod appears to have the mac format (HFS), and because Windows doesn't support this format it will only work with your mac. However, OS X has built in support for windows drive formats. Therefore, I suggest that the next time you plug it into windows and get the dialog box, proceed with the formatting and make it a 'windows-iPod'. From then on you will be able to use it as an external drive with both Windows and Mac OS X.
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    Shuffle Better Than iPod?
  • um, what's wrong with VersionTracker? Or alternatively, what's so great about MacUptdate?
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    MacWorld Boston is a Joke (And I'm not laughing)
  • enclosed in the RSS feed
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    Apple Matters Podcast 03: Intel, Intel, Intel and an iPod
  • I really don't think that the iPod has lost it's cool factor - at least not in Europe. For 2-3 years I used my iPod and showed off it's greatness to friends and family, but no-one was buying. They all thought it was a great device, but were worried because it came from Apple (they are all Windows users). In the last few months, however, quite a few of them have bought iPods. Some have bought photos, some have bought shuffles, but they had to have an iPod.
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    Apple Matters Podcast 03: Intel, Intel, Intel and an iPod
  • how odd
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    iGuy (Or I must be missing something significant here)
  • I thought dead fish float upwards... so Apple's market share will go up now?
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    Don't Wait For A MacIntel