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  • Nov 03, 2006
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  • I buy and use macs because ...? Godin: "buy PC to get a job done ... buy Mac to make a statement." Dammit he's right. I buy Macs because they just work, and I have many stories to back that statement - but by doing so I'm really making this statement: I can support myself with this tool (my Mac), I think of myself as creative and independant thinking; a PC would make me dependant on others, part of the rank and file, average. Corporations/people buy PCs like fax machines or phones, to provide tools for the rank and file/to be part of the rank and file, and yes, to get the job done. It's just a commodity item. This is really about different user world-views, different expectations, "user cultures." The technology itself is essentially secondary as an issue; Apple tech is good no doubt, but for 20+ years Apple marketing has cultivated/marketed the Mac user world view, which is "different", but seen really as an "exception" to the normal path of buying a computer by the majority (who are PC users). It worsens, the Mac is stereotyped by the PC world view as an outsider, overly passionate users, different, and generally an annoying exception to purchasing plans, support services, and any discussion about buying or using a computer.
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    The Apple Matters Interview: Seth Godin
  • Not just faster on new macs, I want a speedy UI on my old B&W and Yikes G4. I want bragging rights. I want to impress my boss. I hate going over to one of our old PC office workstations running NT and having them outperform OSX UI hands down. How about a non-quartz GUI option?
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    What Iíd Like to See in Tiger: Part 1, Speed