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  • Mar 13, 2009
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  • 1. I agree, I am completely miserable over it and have even though of hackintosh myself. 2. I agree, but I bought the very first Mac Mini, my price was USA $499.00 as I bought it inside the USA at the time and brought it back with me on a plane to Australia. :P 1 Part B) I'm angry, but more so that I can't be angry at Apple like my first reaction was when I heard about the prices. I have to be angry at the Aussie Dollar value and the world economy play on the Aussie Dollar value... so I'm even angrier because I cannot be angry at what I was originally angry at! :P if that makes sense. I have been saving up for a new Mac so I have to decide what to do. I will probably get it this time but then not buy another one for a few years longer than I planned to after getting this next one. My mac is a original mini which I opened and modified to run at 1.5Ghz.... it does the job but its the graphic card pulling it down with Leopard. I switched it back to Tiger and it runs like a champ.
  • Let us take Aussie Dollar pricing back to reality. #1.) Australia adds 10% GST on top of the prices. USA does not add sales tax on the prices. If you order in the USA online you have a good chance of never paying sales tax (most cross state purchases do not get taxed - lucky bums!) So the formula to take off 10% GST is Aussie Price * .9 (we want 90% of the Aussie Price.) Then we put the result into a google search for the current real time currency conversions. "X,XXX.XX AUD IN USD" Then we compare the answer to the prices on the USA apple store. Mac Mini 2.0GHz : 120GB is $ 1,049.00 Aussie Dollars 1049 * .9 = 944.1 944.1 Australian dollars = 606.20661 U.S. dollars USA Mac Mini 2.0GHz : 120GB is $ 599 US Dollars You are paying $7.20 USD more for a Mac Mini in Australia than buying the same unit in the USA. Lets take iMac as example. iMac 24-inch: 3.06GHz = $ 3,699.00 Aussie Dollars 3699 * .9 = $3,329.1 with the taxes removed 3329.1 AUD in USD $3,329.1 Australian dollars = $2,137.61 U.S. dollars USA Apple Store price = $2,199.00 U.S. dollars You are *SAVING* 61.39 US Dollars buying the iMac in Australia than in the USA, its cheaper here! Macbook Pro 17 - 2.66GHz with AppleCare Protection Plan Aussie Dollars = A$ 5,078.00 5078 * .9 = $4,570.2 with the taxes removed 4570 AUD in USD = 4 570.2 Australian dollars = 2 934.52 U.S. dollars USA Apple Store Price = $3,148.00 U.S. Dollars You are *SAVING* $213.48 U.S. Dollars buying the 17 inch Macbook Pro with AppleCare in Australia than in the USA. It is cheaper here!