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  • @jocknerd How do you work that one out? Apple has to sell 3 times as many copies of OS X just to make the same revenue from software as they would profit from hardware. And that is at the current $129 price. If Apple was to sell OS X boxed for any PC I'd fully expect it to be at least $300. There's no way they can make a profit at $129. OS X does fund a lot of its development, but Apple would need to fund its development AND make up for the huge amount of lost revenue and profits from not selling hardware. And how do you explain MS having 90+% of the OS market or 9+ times what Apple has yet only making around 2-3 times the revenue from Windows as Apple makes from the Mac? There is a HELL of a lot of profit to be earned from high end hardware. It's when you go to the low end with razor thin margins that software becomes a much more sustainable option.
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • "If you take a look at pilky’s excellent you’ll again notice the flatish line for Mac revenue and a sharply upward sloping line for the iPhone." Problem with that is that it assumes the Mac won't see further growth. As you point out, the desktop side of things hasn't been updated in quite a while which means sales on that side are dropping. I'm willing to put the Mac Mini down to Apple not really caring about it too much, the Mac Pro down to it not being a high priority during a recession and the iMac down to technical delays. Update the desktop lineup and get out of a recession and the Mac will continue to see growth. And even on the off chance that I'm wrong, you don't ignore or neglect a product line that: a. brings you most of your money b. allows you to make the other two product lines "It all points back to the same thing: Apple is putting its money where the future is, where the biggest bang for the investment is." Apple is putting a lot of money where their priorities are, but the priority isn't really the Mac or the iPhone hardware, but OS X and the developer tools. These are Apple's two most important products and where most of their money is going. "What OS was delayed for months and months? That was Leopard. What product shipped on the day the said it would? The iPhone 3 G." And the reason for that is that pretty much all the OS X team switched from Mac work to iPhone work, as at the time Apple was severely understaffed. The issue isn't Apple wanting to put all their resources on the iPhone, it's Apple being unable to split their resources between two products. "Where is this snow leopard that was supposed to be out the first quarter of this year? Not out. How close to out is it? I don’t know, my ADC membership lapsed." There have only been two groups mentioning Snow Leopard for a 1st quarter release. The first was one apple employee on one slide of one presentation. The second group is all of the Mac rumour/news sites. Apple said in their press release at WWDC that Snow Leopard would be out in around a year, which means June 2009. I'm willing to go by their website and press release than one employee. The thing is, the second group will also be complaining about all the "pulled" new features from Snow Leopard like a new interface or various other things that nobody has talked about but them and have never actually been in Snow Leopard. They like to make stuff up and then complain when Apple has "pulled" the stuff that they never said was going into a product. Yes the iPhone is gaining increasing importance, but the idea that Apple is neglecting the Mac is ridiculous.
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • It's much easier to make a flawed argument like this when you use figures that don't reflect the true value of a product. Here's a quick graph I made showing Mac, iPod and iPhone revenue over the same time period: http://www.quicksnapper.com/pilky/image/apple-revenue If you notice, the Mac is the highest revenue earner in all but 1 quarter. When you consider that units/market share aren't of as much interest to Apple as revenue/revenue share then you'll see that the Mac is pretty damn relevant.
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • Option-drag works on any application using an NSTextView. In fact if you use it on the comment text area then it will select a rectangle. Nisus Writer Express brings up a selection grid similar to that of dragging to select multiple icons in Finder with the cursor.
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    20 Useful OS X Tips
  • Umm the thing about the square windows and rounded windows? That's to make it obvious what is a pallet and what is a window. Windows stay visible when you switch apps, pallets get hidden. It isn't a consistency issue. It's more a case of using two different title bars to differentiate between two different types of windows.