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  • May 31, 2006
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  • I understand Aaron not wanting "to confuse new Mac users further", yet I think it's even worse to mislead new Mac users by using the term "virus" in an article like this. So, instead of stating that "no one should be worried about the two viruses known at the minute" it could have been even better to reassure new Mac users that they should not be worried since what they heard about are not even viruses. (Finally, it's quite sad to see the writer of the article trying to embarrass a user by commenting on the user's nickname...)
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    Securing Your Mac
  • Have you ever used a Dell trackpad? Well, I had. For a laptop worth 2k euros, I would expect a much better one, but the trackpad in my D810 is miserable. I've been working on an aluminum Powerbook G4 for a year, with no mouse at all and I find the trackpad unbeleivably convenient! Actually, I've grown so accustomed to using it, that I don't use the mouse even when I have it plugged in. But when I have to work on the Dell (fortunately for a few minutes each time), I can't use the trackpad. The sensation and response are awful; and there's no better alternative to the two-finger scrolling yet, in any other trackpad! It's the most brilliant feature of it. Personally, I don't know if I would like a second button in my future Mac laptop. Part of this is because I am already used to pressing the single button anywhere; left, right or in the middle. If, all of a sudden, pressing on it in different positions would result in different actions being taken, that would be out of my instictive habits. And I *would* mind if the second button ruined the aesthetics of my laptop.