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  • After recording about a minute of a station, I agree, the further compression of the track has distorted the sound quality a bit. But I'd guess for most people, they'll think it's good enough, since the music will be "free." The app itself is fairly easy to use, although the dark gray color scheme could use some tweaking.
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    TiVo for the Internet Radio
  • First off, your link to the snowtape web site is broken. Secondly, I'm glad my online stations aren't in their directory, as the royalties I pay don't cover people timeshifting their listening. I can see apps like this being increasingly important in the next rounds of the royalty debate at the Library of Congress' Copyright Royalty Board as SoundExchange (and the labels) claim they need to have even higher royalties to allow for people using these type of tools.
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    TiVo for the Internet Radio
  • Back in February to August 1993, I was an Apple rep through their temp agency, Aida. I'd do the exact same thing covering southwest and central Virginia, mostly Montgomery Wards and Sears stores. I don't remember the pay, but I do remember I got much more in mileage reimbursement than the actual on-site maintenance. I went out once a month I believe.
  • How about Cliff Johnson's The Fool's Errand
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    The Best Old Mac Game Ever
  • Apple already allows adult content in their podcasts. Look for the "Explicit" label in the directory when browsing.
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    When Will iTunes Sell Porn?
  • The Black one is at 28, the Brown one is 79, at just after midnight on the 18th.
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    Zune Update!
  • (off-topic) Quote: "if only people lived at the North Pole" What about Santa Claus and his helpers? Why are you looking at me that way? What do you mean, there is something you need to tell me?
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    Apple Zealots: Fact or Fiction?
  • Your article is clipped off at the end. You have your second monitor to the left of your main screen? How odd. Are you left handed? I've tried that and it just doesn't work for me, I have to have the second monitor to the right of my Powerbook.
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    Ditch the Dock and Other Visual Clutter
  • I want to see it! This could be the next big Internet meme! Bill's poor kids living on in infamy. :) Happy 4th.
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    July 4, 2001: Bill Tomerson Makes Worst iMovie Ever
  • You can get three years of "Software Maintenance" for most Apple software. In the Apple Store, click on Small Business under "More Stores" on the right; then click on "Software Maintenance" under "Business Services." It's not easy to find, but it's there.
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    Reverse the Upgrade Curse
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC Sunday nights in the US) usually gives the family on vacation a Powerbook to use to see the construction going on at home. But the Apple logo on the lid is almost always covered with a Extreme Makeover sticker. It's kind of obvious it's a Mac though. The case is very distinctive, and the iSight camera mounted on top is hard to hide.
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    Apple's Product Placement
  • How about sponsoring a contest, where we Mac faithful have to create a 30 second Apple ad? Or even better, we have to create a complete campaign? (30 second radio spot, 30 second tv spot, full page newspaper ad, and web banner ad)
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    What Apple Can Learn from Skittles and Windows XP
  • My list is at . I added Fuzzy Clock a few days ago, from
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    What's in Your Menubar?
  • your link has an extra comma in it, so Safari gets confused and doesn't go anywhere. Does the program let you change the DPI down to 72?
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    ImageWell: A Bloggers Dream
  • The same thing is playing out in the new and used car field. Customers shopping for a car should know how the proces are running in the local market. And yet every time I go to a real world car dealer they treat me like I'm an idiot. I hate shopping for a car.
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    The Customer is Always Bright