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  • Sep 07, 2010
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  • My son Derek Evry has two great albums on the iTunes Store, but he is not yet allowed to set up an "Artist" account on Ping. Apparently, this is by invitation only, for the artists that Apple wants to push. This is truly not social media. Also, Apple's "recommendations" for me to follow included Lady Gaga. They obviously know nothing about me or even looked at my purchase record. They're just pushing whoever they want to push...
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    Ping: Apple's Dismal Foray into Social Media
  • Managing bookmarks without losing the page you're on is a snap if you understand and get the hang of using tabs (you DO have tabs turned on, right?). Just pop open a tab, and run "Show All Bookmarks from there. And if you haven't activated your "debug" menu, go to versiontracker and download a free one-time script to turn it on. Then run the User Agent, and pretend to be IE6 for Windows. You'd be surprised how many web sites that claim to only work for IE Win work like a charm that way. I believe it's because Front Page for Win deliberately sticks those restrictions in by default unless programmers decide to eliminate them. As far as WMV files, Flip4Mac (free version) will open all of them in QuickTime, except copy-protected ones. Another neat Safari feature is right clicking on a picture and sending it directly to iPhoto. Apple's Address book syncs nicely with my Palm.
  • Hey, what about the Apple II? It was a major player well into the nineties, with a significant market share. In fact for a while, the best selling Mac was the LC, with Apple II emulator cards attached.
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    Can Macs Dominate the Personal Computer Market?
  • It is intriguing to note that the very term "album" literally refers to a book, not a disk. Back in the days of 78 rpm records, people would buy a collection of music in a "record album" or a book with disks in the pages. Each disk was, of course, a single. The entire concept of making an album a unified whole is only occasionally successful these days. I doubt if this guy would complain if a radio station started putting a single song from one of his albums in heavy play rotation...
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    Victory Records Won't License to iTunes