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  • I know that you guys work to drum up hits by turning increasingly critical against Apple's work, but I'll bite anyway... Coverflow, like other viewing options (icon, column, etc) is useful when it's useful. For music, I think it's fantastic, particularly for browsing. When I want to search, however, a different viewing metaphor is better. If utility were the only concern, perhaps we should just have one huge alphabetical list? Oh, so...wait-- that would get tedious to sort through. Perhaps we should subgrup that list. Oh, wait... but there are so many things in this subgroup that aren't the same. Oh, wait... maybe we could view them to make a quick visual inspection of what they are. Isn't that Coverflow? Oh... yeah. Nevermind.
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    Cover Flow is Pretty, but Fairly Useless
  • Gee, it doesn't play Real videos either, I bet. Oh, the humanity. Ever considered that it's strategic? I wouldn't even put it past Apple to support M$'s Silverwhateveryoucallit competitor to Flash if it fits into the master plan.
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    3 Reasons Why I Hate The iPhone
  • Turandot? Ugh, she was so fat in high school.
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    How iTunes is Paving the Way For Switchers
  • One word: infiltration.
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    How iTunes is Paving the Way For Switchers
  • Safari for Windows is about iPhone, not trying to directly compete with the other browsers (though that will be one result of this). This WWDC did seem a bit underwhelming, but like past presentations, it seemed that Steve had intended to show us things that simply weren't ready to show. By October, they likely will be-- in which case, we're all going to be pleasantly surprised. I have always thought that the delay to an October release was less to do with iPhone and more to do with some big stuff only being half-baked. We'll see come October. Steve promised something big and didn't fully deliver that. He's fully aware of that, too. I'd bet that he still plans to deliver something big, but will need more time to do it right. I for one will gladly give Apple some slack. They've been running full speed ahead for nearly ten years now.
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    My First WWDC as a Switcher
  • Until other companies push things forward in truly interesting ways the way Apple has, Apple will remain "glossy."
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    Has Apple Become Just One of the Crowd?
  • As long as it's profitable, who cares? That said, it's going to be hugely successful. This is also the first iteration. The form and abilities is only going to improve. Awesome little machine.
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    iPhone a Success Story or Flop?
  • He does no such thing-- his contrition is always short-lived. Like a pendulum, he compliments, then attacks, sometimes on the same issue. The intent is to enrage readers who then seek his site out to "rip him a new one." He gets his hits, the angered public feels vindicated, and then the cycle happens all over again. That sort of behavior is known as opportunism. He has a right to try to make money that way-- and it seems he's quite successful. But make no mistake-- his money comes from your manipulation and unwillingness to recognize what he's really doing. His goal is not to seek out "the truth" or do the best job he can, it's to make money. He's parasitic.
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • This may be way off, but don't hidden folder begin with a "."? If so, can't you just add the period and it will go bye-bye? A thought...
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    And They Said the Mac Was Intuitive
  • Yes, angst with a smidge of cyncial whining.
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    What If There Are No Top Secret Features in Leopard?
  • Yeah, bunch of crabby posts. Negative much? Ballmer, is that you?
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    WWDC June 2007 — What Should We Expect?
  • I disagree. There has always been DRM in the form of physical media. You may be able to play cassettes in any cassette player, but you couldn't play them on a record player, a cd player, or your old 8-Track. Now, the limitations are deliberately imposed and people take offense because the act is obviously intended to restrain. Tell anyone they can't do anything they think they should be able to do and some get their feathers ruffled. DRM will survive as long as it isn't too restrictive. Most people using iPods don't seem to notice. It's the über-geeks who take offense because they want more expanded use. That's understandable, but there are workarounds. I think the point really is, they just don't want to work for it... I'm not a fan of DRM, but I recognize that I have a choice not to buy music with it. As such, I rarely do buy DRMed music. Best workaround yet.
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    The Not So Great Future Of The iPod
  • Many people keep citing how Apple lost to an inferior product even with a ten year head start as if it could happen again the same way in this sector. I don't think it can. When Microsoft perpetrated its coup, people and business were naive to computing in general. Cheaper (not just more inexpensive) seemed better because the market was immature and even if Windows was total garbage early on, it allowed people to use computers in a novel way. Now, people don't want crap because they know that carp in computing has major consequences. That's why Vista isn't selling. Apple will continue to grow because of this. Will it rival MS over time? It'll be a fun competition to watch.
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    iPhone Realizes Steve's Dream to Exploit Mac OS
  • I think multi-touch has the potential to change things again. I can't imagine people lifting their arms all day to smear their fingers all over a perpendicular screen. Unless, of course, the future is one of toned and buff shoulders.
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    Where Does the iMac Go From Here?