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  • Feb 24, 2006
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  • I have realized I need more than one browser. The latest Safari and using the Saft plugin I get a good browser without ads and popups. I keep Comino because it is the most beautiful of all the browsers and it is very fast; The latest version doesn't even crash. Firefox is there to pick up the slack. It is better than Safari without Saft and Saft does make Safari useless for some sites. I love having so many great browsers. Opera is even impressive at this point. OmniWeb is almost as pretty as Camino but doesn't feel quite as good. I am visiting my mother and I am using an old Beige with 9.1 on a dialup. It is nicer than using a two year old PC with XP. But it is not OSX. roger
    Roger had this to say on Sep 25, 2005 Posts: 2
    Safari Improved
  • I use Preview a lot to look at photos and PDFs. This version of Preview is the best ever. You can grab a lot of photos and drag them to preview for easy any good viewing or a slide show. It will do simple editing to images and PDFs. I never use dashboard and spotlight is a pain. Spotlight in Mail is very good. This is the first version of Mail that I find usable for me. I want to use Automator but never have a reason; Same as with with Apple Script. I understand that Tiger changed and improved vast amounts of OSX under the hood; As with other major OSX updates it is taking awhile to fix a lot of things that were broken or impaired. In 10.2 and 10.3 we were about halfway through the updates before thing were really smooth. Some of Tiger is very nice but I was in better shape overall with 10.3.8. I am putting together another production Mac with 10.3.8 so apps like Illustrator 10.03 and my font managment applications will work correctly. On 10.4.2 many critical apps of mine are running with problems. I would and have updated some of the applications with marginal gain. Some of the Adobe apps are not doing all that well in newer versions, so I will wait to upgrade those until they have less problems. roger
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    Tiger? Where did you go?