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  • Jun 01, 2006
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  • Come on, are you serious? Apple ported iTunes to Windows because of two reasons. 1) It helped improve the experience of the iPod for Windows users (the majority of iPod buyers), and it paid for itself with the revenue generated through the iTunes store. I don't see any value or monetization in bring iPhoto to Windows. It's relationship to the Apple TV is peripheral at best. Now, I've said this before, but I believe Apple missed a HUGE opportunity with the iSight and Windows. Had Apple ported iChat to Windows and bundled it with the iSight camera, it would have been a huge hit. Plus it would have increased the total number of iChat video users for other iChat users to talk video conference with. I can understand why they didn't do (iChat users a lot of Mac OS X tech like Core Video etc. that would have made porting difficult).
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    Is Apple Planning iPhoto for Windows?
  • Sorry, but three years ago OS X wasn't a beta OS. I had been using it since the first true beta (Public Beta) through the second beta (10.0) and the third beta (10.1). But with 10.2, Apple had an OS that was rock solid and feature complete. Just because it didn't include everything you thought it should doesn't mean it was a "beta". That said, getting rid of the "beach ball" is pretty easy. Just max out your RAM. I have 2GB on my MBP 2.16ghz, and I hardly ever see it. Read the factor: