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  • Apr 20, 2011
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  • Actually, I've been a fan of the company since the Apple II. But I really became enamored of the 128K Mac in 1984. Like the iPad, all you had to do was look at it to know it changes everything. You may have had trouble explaining exactly why, but you knew that one day everything would work like this. A decade later the CLI was a distant memory and Windows 95 was on every desktop (unless you still had your Mac like I did). I wasn't a fan because Apple was the underdog. I was a fan because Apple was showing the way things ought to work. I'm not arrogant or showing off when I enthusiastically show my Mac or iPad doing something cool for me as opposed to doing something cool TO my PC or Android device. Both are very valid reasons to smile. Besides I don't even like coffee. I have had a Chai Latte once or twice so I had an excuse to use Starbucks WiFi. Does that count? Or do I now have to peel the sticker off my rear window?
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    Who do the Underdog Fans Root for Now?