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  • You do have to admit that they are very effective at getting under a Mac-user's skin. I love my Mac as much as the next Mac user but even I go off when these ads are shown. They are effective in put us on the defense. I will give them that.
  • Other things missing/to be improved: - Voice dialing! This is kind of important while driving. - Better camera. Yes, even though it's a cell phone, it would still be nice to have a better than 1MP camera built-in.
  • No offense, but please run the spell check before publishing. Thanks.
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    October 30, 2002: iPod Availability Increases
  • I can't agree more. Whatever happened to the $1800 professional-class Mac tower? Now the lowest point of entry is a $2800 8-core Mac Pro. I don't need 8-cores and the glare of the iMac screen doesn't exactly help when I need to edit photos for clients. I'd like my low-end Mac Pro back please. A single Core 2 Quad or even a single Core 2 Duo-based machine would be enough horsepower to run Photoshop. Can we please have it back Steve? You're making the Hackintosh route a very tempting road indeed.
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    Apple's Pricing Scheme Is Starting To Bother Me
  • "Aisles and aisles of Windows games"? What store are you shopping at? You're lucky if you find one glorified bookshelf full of games for Windows if you walk into a Gamestop or Electronics Boutique these days. 90% of the store is dedicated to consoles and the "Games for Windows" strategy Microsoft has employed doesn't seem to be helping this.
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    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch
  • Repurchasing games is nothing new to someone who's had to have had done it more than once when my cell phone has gone on the fritz. I'm not saying that this is a good business practice but it isn't uncommon. I would have expected more from Apple, however.
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    Apple Needs Competition
  • The computer was also featured as Alfred's personal computer in the absolutely atrocious Batman and Robin.
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    March 20, 1997: Anniversary Mac Introduced
  • Based on my current experience with the Vista beta, I find it to be truly a pain. Installing anything on the platform requires that you acknowledge several security dialogs due to installs not being digitally signed. While this may not be a problem for newer apps, this will certaily be a problem for countless legacy apps. Secondly, Vista often requires that one enters the password credentials for an admin user to modify settings on the system. These are clearly behavors that current Windows users aren't used to and will cause a great deal of confusion for those transitioning to Vista. While it may be more secure, the headaches certainly don't seem to be worth it. Finally, the file structure displayed in Explorer seems to have been reorganized to resemble Linux or OS X and I can't find a way to restore the old behavior of the folder. I find this very annoying. I expect one of two things to happen with Vista's release: 1. Microsoft's revenue will shrink due to the number of people returning Vista 2. Microsoft's support revenue will see record numbers :)
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    Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Macs in 2010
  • If you're worried about the Red Sox Nation actually achieving something now that they've won the series, you can always join us on the Cubs bandwagon. 97 years... and counting.
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    iPod Users: You Aren't Special Anymore
  • So is that why this site STILL doesn't display correctly under Firefox? </sarcasm off>
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    Are You With Us or Against Us?
  • One problem is that instutions that have very tight budgets, schools in particular, will opt for the machine that can give them the most bang for the littlest buck. For this reason alone, more schools are opting for PC clones instead of Macs. If Apple made a montior-less Mac at a $500 price point, more schools would be willing to incoporate them into thier labs. Even priced at $799 or $1299, Apple machines often budget-busting machines.
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    The New iMac: One Thing Too Many