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  • Oct 30, 2008
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  • "People can complain about the price all they want but when Apple is selling record numbers of Macs, growing faster than the competition and so forth it is almost to impossible to argue that Macs are over priced." I think the notion of 'over priced' is becoming somewhat misleading, you can construct a notion of value whereby anything is priced correctly. Its much safer to say that Macs are expensive. Yes you might like it if they were cheaper, but Apple has the right to price their laptops as they see fit, and you have the right to purchase something else. If Apple were in the position of say, Microsoft, their pricing scheme would be less defensible.
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    It's not the Shiny Box that costs Extra
  • This article was very intellectually honest. Good job.
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    It's not the Shiny Box that costs Extra
  • A good article although it seems to reflect a lack of knowledge about the costs of building a high-class application. If you're submitting note-pads, then sure you can afford to build 3 apps for every one that gets through. Polished applications, on the other hand, cost tens of thousands of dollars to build. You can't expect a developer to stake that kind of money for such uncertain returns. And expecting them to hedge their bets by creating multiple applications is terrible. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have one App well built, then two that were hastily thrown together.
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    Apple Rejecting Apps Doesn't Matter
  • I don't own a PowerMac, but to me the big issue would be the inevitable abandonement by developers.
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    No G5 Owners, Snow Leopard is not a Screw Job
  • "There is little argument that Apple's premiere image editing program, iPhoto '08 is powerfully useful effective Mac users and serious amateur photographers." The lack of arguement may be due to the fact that before your startling revelation, few people suspected that the software was in fact a human.
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    Essentials 2 for Apple iPhoto
  • I would have sworn zato's comments were intended to be satirical. Clearly my expectations were too high. A good article and a good lesson. To everyone who has been criticizing Seibold for hating Macs, rememember, as he himself points out: This isn't limmited Macs. Apple happens to have some of the best marketers around, but there certaintly not the only people trying to screw you out of your hard-earned dough.
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    How Much are You Spending on Mac Pretension?
  • I think you are overestimating the degree to which the Blackberry 9000 is copying the iPhone. The Blackberry is a very succesfull product in and of itself, wraping it in chrome doesn't change the fundementals.
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    Note to RIM and Samsung: You're Doing it Wrong
  • I'd like to conduct a little bit of a thought experiment: If Beeblebrox had said "I'm so glad the iPhone doesn't have Flash or Java. Viva Jobs!" would you have responded with "Wait, you don't have the SDK, you can't comment!" Of course not. Because that would make absolutely NO SENSE. Just because you don't have the dev-tools shouldn't stop you from requesting features. I think your problem is that wishing the iPhone had Flash is perfectly valid. It's hard to argue that a phone with it is strictly to a phone without, so instead you clutch at straws like that truely moronic comment.
  • My worry is just the extremely faulty correlation. It's obvious WHY he was criticizing you, I'm just interested in how the SDK could possibly play a role.
  • I've read Beebleborx's comment thrice, and I still can't figure out how not having the SDK would make him inelligible to comment.
  • Of course this entire thing makes no sense. No one is going to say "Apple is still around because they did some stuff back in the 80's", they'll point to Apple's consistant record of inovation.
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    March 3, 1985: LaserWriter Launched
  • Also, in regards to the article, Dell is not a software company, they need to figure out a way to make hardware work for them. I mean they might as well buy steel-mills or pork futures.
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    Dell Should Buy Fedora To Ensure Relevancy In Future
  • The point is, you said they didn't sell peripherals, clearly they do. Be gracious and admit you were wrong.
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    Dell Should Buy Fedora To Ensure Relevancy In Future
  • I for one don't buy it! Apple probably just forced him come out and say it was a lie! He may deny it to the ends of the earth, but I'll still believe him! After all, I heard it on the internet!
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    The Tiny-Code Lesson
  • I would agree that MacOSX is great for writing, but I don't think any of the reasons you listed above have anything to do with it. Spellcheck is nice, but hardly unique to OSX. The dictionary/thesaurus is almost useless; if you don't know a word you shouldn't be using it. I never use Auto-complete because it's always faster just to type the word out. I don't really see the scenario you portray happening often. I hadn't thought of using Alex to read out files. He might be be useful for checking not only errors but logical structure. That's alot of rebutals, so here's why OSX is the best platform for writing. It places the fewest barriers between the author and the page. Using OSX I get down to writing faster, and stay writing longer, then when I use Windows. Finally here's where Windows beats OSX: Font rendering. I find ClearType so much easier to read than Quartz. Calibri almost closed the gap for me by itself. When you spend as much time staring at a screen as I do, font legibility can be the difference between another hour of writing and a throbbing head-ache. P.S. Ideal is superlative, 'most' is superfluous.
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    7 Reasons Why Mac OSX Is the Best OS for Writers