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  • Jul 08, 2006
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  • Apple, for now, can't be over revolutionary because they are in the middle of an evolution. Sure, the new products could have been "Intel-ized" by being redesinged but then that would have taken time and Apple needs to get all their Macs on Intel fast so that it looks ok to the public. Plus, being over revolutionary might make them stray from making happy customers. Nintendo is risking big with Wii because this is truly different and everyone is asking: Will it work? If it didn't work well, they would be rediculed. The DS was different and worked so they have a good track record... Anyways back to Apple: they still surpise in small ways: an iSight in a laptop, the "one-/two- button" way of working of the Mighty Mouse. They didn't stop being revolutionary: they're just playing safe.
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    Is Apple Getting Complacent?