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  • A few notes: 1.) I don't think the Windows NT history was cleared up quite completely yet. NT not only originated out of the MS-IBM split, it essentially evolved out of the OS/2 code and planning. You'll note similarities, for instance, between the file systems in the two OSes. 2.) Lisa was not, as commented above, the hugely popular predecessor to Macintosh. It was a very unpopular product that was developed at the same time the Mac was being developed. Eventually Apple added a Mac emulation and placed it under the Mac name plate. James is thinking of the Apple ][. 3.) Someone mentioned MS buying a GNU/Linux distro. That might make sense, although honestly it'd make more sense for them to build a BSD-based OS, as Apple has done. MS has spent too much time attacking the GPL license for them to build on top of Linux without a ton of flak.
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