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  • Apr 26, 2011
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  • If Apple is forced to open up the iPhone OS platform, then the Wii, PSP, XBox should do the same. OTOH Flash is more of a monopoly, it is almost all over the web. Now, Giz did break the line.
  • Since the beginning apple have being about easy-to-use computing and the iPhone OS is the clearest proof of it. The Mac was more like a secret cult of rich people`s computer platform until the launch of the iPhone. There were Apple computers in the movies but it was hard to see`em in the wild, nowadays I see iPhones and MacBooks everywhere. There are better capable smart phones and laptops than the Apple branded but at the end what it really matters for the average Joe is the operability of such devices, in other words is not much about how much technology is in it but the way it is implemented.
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    The App Store Isn't about Control
  • 1. If Apple will introduce the iTablet in early 2010 they will announce it next week. 2. Yes, iPod upgrades Storage/Camera 3. Social iTunes
  • If apple open iTunes and very mp3 player out there would use it than iTunes would be a monopoly... or so it would be called. Here in Japan music is not listened as in western countries, guys prefer to spend ¥20,000 in a snack bar in a night than going to a ¥3,000 concert. Also, every phone here in Japan has a music player, TV, Radio, Video, Games, News, Weather report, etc. so there is no much of a need for another multifunction device. My phone has more capabilities than an iPhone (except for the apps and iTunes compatibility) and it is also water resistant. Still, it is very hard to use comparing it to the iPhone.
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    Jason Calacanis is Wrong: Part 1 of 5
  • Well, IMHO it is a bit odd that Google announce a OS without a beta, I meant to say that it is not the usual way to do this things. When Apple announced OS X, or the osx86 or any other version of its MacOs or iPhonOs they had a demo, just as MS demoed XP, Vista and Win7, of course you can argue that Chrome browser is the beta version of ChromOs but even that it does not hold water. How many of us use chrome? I did downloaded and tryed but that was about it. Yes it is an alternative to IE or Safari but that place have being taken by FireFox. If chrome was a success, I would see a reason to go forward but what is the share chrome has on the net? And android? is not well adopted, wouldn't be better if google efforts were focused on its mobile OS? Google is a brand well known and have global market penetration but... Linux?! This OS was on netbooks and perhaps that is the reason they were not so... welcome? Because IMO it is not so easy to use, I have installed on some of my friends PCs but they get tired of it easily because it is somewhat confusing. For windows users it is easier to switch to the Mac than to Linux. ChromeOs would have more chances of success if it was not another Linux Distro.
  • There is lots of people who has a HackIntosh netbook -including me- and I am very please with its performance and I would even say that it surpasses my expectations because it can run Photoshop, iLife and iWork programs at a fair speed. In deed there are lot's of things that cannot be done but there is a value on this crappy plastic packs. I am sure that if a hardware manufacturer would build netbooks that are more hardwear compatible with OSX and stylish... you get the picture. I did spent $200 -on top of the $300 that the netbook cost- on OSX, RAM and a WIFI card in order to have it working almost perfectly but it is worth. My complaint is netbook's aesthetics, they are so ugly that when I got my done, the only thing I could say was: "it's alive! it's alive!"
  • For what I see *at least here in Jland* is that the netbooks are selling very well and that is gonna cause troubles to Apple, I would like to see an MacBookNano -netbook- under $600 USDs. I know there is the MacBookAir and it is cool but Apple will not be able to compete with portables like the Acer Aspire One 150 tagged under $350 and it is capable of running Leopard -I am writing from one.- It would be better if an apple netbook canibalize the MacBook and MacBookPro that leaving that to their competitors.
  • I have several macs, and I really have to ask to the author, how many copies of windows you have to buy to upgrade 6 PCs at home? ...neber mind!
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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User