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  • Aug 20, 2009
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  • When I hooked up an external monitor to my Mac SE-30 (1993), I have never wanted to go back. Spaces does make things easier though, I rarely have the need to hook my laptop to one.
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    The Benefits of Dual Monitor Display
  • My work mate bought a cheap pc laptop for $500 and was fully disgusted at the performance of World of Warcraft on it especially when he saw how it ran on my Mac Book Pro. Well, I did pay $2000 - I would expect it runs better! So recently, a few months after the fact, he bought another cheap pc laptop to improve his WoW experience. The new laptop is about $950 and the specs are near similar to my 3 year old Mac Book Pro. He is getting decent performance now, but still complains it doesn't look as good as on my Mac Book Pro, even with similar video card an everything. One thing specs don't tell you is the quality of the LCD, and I guess it shows here. On his laptop, World of Warcraft is too light. I was surprised to here this because it is my experience that pc's gamma tend to be on the dark side. Well, he is still needling around in the preferences trying to make his WoW experience as nice looking as mine.
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    Microsoft is Right About the Cost of Macs
  • "having to start a virtual machine just to browse web sites seems absurd (and most definitely is), although there is no other choice." Actually, there is - you can run the PC version of IE using Crossover. I prefer the Parallels solution, but if you only need web browsing in IE, then Crosover should be good enuff!
  • Yea, imagine that. This spring, they expect me to upgrade my Mac hardware to something called Leopard. What the *#^^()! Pay how much? For a Mac I already have, I expect free updates for life. Gimme a break Apple.
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    Apple Charges Fee for Hardware You Already Have
  • If women are gadget impaired, then maybe men are people impaired. We all know we don't like to ask for directions!
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    Are Women Gadget-Impaired?
  • Many problems I have encountered are due to me having more than one user account on one machine. I usually install apps inside of my user account (as the admin) and other users will have apps crash on them (notibly with some games, and parallels desktop also had the problem of not being able to open a VM). This issue can be resolved by opening the GET INFO and making sure that the 'GROUP' has READ AND WRITE permissions!
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    A Beginner's Guide to Fixing OS X