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  • Oct 19, 2011
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  • Test now wrote: "One of the calling features offered by AT&T;is call blocking. This feature allows you to block your number from displaying on someone else’s caller ID when dialing out, block incoming calls from specific numbers or block calls from others who hide their numbers from your caller ID" Blocking caller ID is not an AT&T;feature it's a feature that any user can control. On GSM all you have to do is preface any party you don't want to reveal your number by prefacing the number with #31#. If you want to deactivate number presentation on all calls use ##31#. CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) can block CID as well by prefacing numbers with *67.
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    Why I Won't Switch From ATT
  • Pedant mode on: Please consider proofreading your article or have someone do it for you. A simple spell check would have caught some of your errors. Thanks!
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    Why I Won't Switch From ATT
  • "1) AT&T;’s primary carrier flaw is that their cell frequency is easily blocked by conventional building construction. Changing to a different RF will quiet most people that complain. " Bzzzzzt. Wrong answer, but thanks for playing. AT&T;in most of the US is one of the two "cellular" carriers meaning they get to use 850 Mhz rather than carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint which are relegated to the "PCS" 1900 Mhz band. Both AT&T;and Verizon use the same bands i.e. mostly 850 with some 1900 Mhz. How they deploy their base stations may factor in how good one works over the other. And let's not deceive ourselves about Verizon. All that great coverage is not all handled by Verizon base stations it's handled by partner networks. Just because someone claims to have the most networks world wide (claim of T) doesn't mean there's 100% truthfulness in the statement (AT&T;, Verizon and T-Mobile have pretty much the same roaming partners outside of the US with a compatible device.)
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    Verizon, Is That the Best You Can Do?
  • Do people really not know that it's not viola or just try to be cute?
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    The Apple Matters Interview: Josh Rizzo