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  • Jan 31, 2009
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  • It's perfect for audio books! Just load it and go.
  • I wasn't an early adopter of Tiger - waited 6 months or so to let a few of the bugs get worked out - but on the whole I also haven't found many things I just can't live without. The one major exception: the upgrades to Mail are wonderful, especially the searching (easier and faster than Eudora, though still not as powerful) and general layout improvements. But I generally don't expect quantum leaps in operating system improvements, or at least I don't expect to use many of whatever the big new features are. That's because my daily tasks are mostly pretty simple: word processing, checking email, surfing the net, using a small # of other programs briefly. There aren't many improvements I yearn for anymore; most improvements aren't revolutionary to my life, just nice conveniences. Besides, the real quantum leap happened when I finally ditched my peecee and rejoined the Mac community.
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    Tiger? Where did you go?
  • I'll add my vote for RapidWeaver - bought it over the weekend and have been busily getting a new site together with it since. Nice program. But other suite elements that would be nice: iSale, the wonderful eBay auction tool, from www.equinux.com. Maybe it could be modified so it would integrate with more auction sites. iMoney - a simple, efficient checkbook program. Quicken is more bloated than many people really need. Yeah, it's not a media-heavy program, but it'd be nice to integrate purchase data with iPhoto for insurance records and such. iPublish - a program to create e-cards, greeting cards, CD inserts, etc.
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    What's Next In The iLife Suite?